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Key components and subsystems come from the following locations: Rome and New York signal reception system, Texas sound yester, Seoul TV control system and remote, Mexico City power supply system and Jakarta glass panel. During conference most of the updates from suppliers were positive but certain items piqued Limbers attention. The director of operations noted that they were ready to be retrofitted to HDTV assembly.

The production analyst, has been studying for the new HDTV line, and he said It compares very favorable. When the products production and delivery the Suny representative was downplaying the fact that the new panels due to damage during transport to warehouse. Elmer grows more anxious and concerned about those glass panels so he think about going to Jakarta and to see what is going on.

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Adaptability towards change Initial capital Innovative culture Skilled and multidisciplinary staff Lack of a clear target Weak communication flow Geographically concentrated assets Infrastructure spending Open learning culture Increased investment opportunities New technology Innovation Emerging markets New markets International expansion Bad economy Intense competition Substitute products 1 . Analyze the recommendation made by Randall regarding the facility setup. Would you tell Elmer to follow this recommendation or go with another setup? Why? Since there is a deadline for the product roll.

I would recommend that Limier follow Randall advice. Organizations sometimes struggle with transitioning from their responsive to demand. Randall way seems to be the best fit. After the initial roll, Limier can change the way operation is run. 2- What is your opinion of Defers selection of the labor cost KIP? Is it on target or somehow flawed? I do not feel that this opinion is on target. The new product features much advancement that has not been manufactured in the past. By assuming that the labor cost would be the same is a huge assumption.

If I heard this, I would think that quality was not at the top of the list if they are putting the components together at the same rate as the Cart’s. This is a brand new product and requires a through investigation of the costs associated with producing it. 3- Should Limier get on that flight to Jakarta? If he makes the trip, what should he investigate on his tour? I would make the trip if I was Lamar. The sack of urgency in the representative’s concern over the defects would make me think twice about the work going on in the factory.

There is bound to be problems when dealing with product of this fragility. By investigating himself he could see if the proper care was being done to ensure the pieces will be available for delivery. 4- Develop a process map depicting the product flows for the HDTV supply chain, and note the potential problem areas that may impact the success of Team HAD. Many suppliers in many different countries, the delivery of the products it will be delay, the product will not complete.

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