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Children are encouraged to grow as they state. Goodliest Learning however, is a much higher competitor. Goodliest Learning is a nationwide known organization which is run by non-profit organizations, such as, Mission Australia, Social Ventures Australia and the Benevolent Society. Goodliest Learning would be a significant threat/competitor to any new establishing child care centre, these reasons being that it is nationally known, parents and families know what is expected as a whole with this organization and the learning standards.

If a family was to move states, New South Wales to Victoria for example, taking their child room a Goodliest Learning Centre and program to another foreign program might cause them difficulties with their learning habits, though being placed into a similar environment and learning structure the transition will be much easier due to the reputation Goodliest learning has squired. Goodliest learning would also remain a high competitor because of their reputation of being good and extensive.

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Children are taught about the environment and how to sustain it, through making vegetable gardens; they experience music of different cultures as well as arts. Map of the Area Map of Child Care Centers in Oak Park and Gleeson (neighboring suburb). Summarized Analysis. The data given in this report to Knowledge Plus Property Group regarding the potential investments into Child Care funds will help determine the potential risk/no risk outcome of the decision.

The data shown shows clear comparisons of population records, as well as a sound competitive analysis, the visual maps and table show clear indication of the surrounding areas of schools. Graphs indicating a potential rise in population due to the significant age group at 25-29 years of 9. 1% of the local population, thus inducing a new generation is most likely. Recommendation.

The recommendation concluded from this data report would be that investing in a Child Care Centre would not be a financially viable risk to undertake in this particular area. The Justification of this would be due to the fact that the suburb of Oak Park and surrounding demographics. The population does not have a sufficient percentage of the targeted aged group to successfully accomplish as a new establishment. Having a local operation and a nationally known organization as competitors it would not be a profitable investment.

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