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There are two main SKY-II product lines, which are cosmetics and skin care products. Pitter is their patented ingredient for producing the skin care products, one of the well-known products is SKY-II Facial Treatment Essence. SKY-II is sold in many international markets over the world, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc. (*l) For the following paragraphs, we will discuss about the analysis of SKY-II Segmentation and how SKY-II target their customers and position their own brand. Segmentation for SKY-II customers

SKY-II focused on the desires of elegancy and professional image from the consumers, so SKY-II proposed their brand as honorable, elegant, high-class & high-quality. There are three categories which SKY-II will consider for customer’s segmentation, and they are Cryptographic, Demographic and Behavioral. First of all, as we know, SKY-II had invited some of the female celebrities as SKY-II ambassadors. Caring Luau, IQ, Sammie Change are the best-known prosecutors for SKY-II. (*2) Those characteristics from the ambassadors are prestigious, elegant and poised, also their careers are very successful.

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We can conceive that SKY-II focused on the middle class, upper middles and upper uppers from the variables of social class, which consumers are affordable for those costly SKY-II products. Moreover, SKY-II targeted the consumers who pursue the sense of vanity, that’s mean they are ambitious in personality. Recently, SKY-II invited Angelica Lee and Rebecca Tang as the new SKY-II ambassadors, (*2) and we know SKY-II target customers will become younger and more neutral. Second, every woman desires to keep her own face younger and younger.

According o the statistical table for Hong Kong Population by Age group and Sex from Census and Statistics Department 2011, Female group in Hong Kong is more than Male group in Hong Kong. Also, age groups from 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54 are the majority of total population. (*3) Therefore, SKY-II is aimed at those groups as their target customers and the most important selling point for those customers is “Anti-aging”. Last but not least, every women wishes to have a perfect wedding and become the most beautiful bride in her own wedding.

Based on those kinds of reasons, SKY-II plopped different product lines to fulfill women’s needs at different life stage, such as pre-wedding brides, pregnant women and the women who Just gave birth. (*4) Therefore, SKY-II products can be used in different kinds of special occasions. Analysis of SKY-II segmentation For the figure from Procter and Gamble 2010 Annual report, both the volume and the net sales of SKY-II increased, compare with its 2009 Annual Report. The increasing percentage is about 2-3%. *5) Also, from Year 2008 to 2010, SKY-II has received various Awards, which were distributed by different publishers from different Fashion and Beauty magazines. Facial Treatment Essence is most famous and successful among all the SKY-II products, such as, Top 100 Prize of popularity Award from Marie Claire in Kong magazine in 2010. (*6) According to the above information, we believe that SKY-II segmentation is effective due to their sales growth and the recognitions from media and customers. How SKY-II target their customers SKY-II is under the concentrated marketing.

SKY-II has the same marketing mix, and it is for the different customer’s segmentations, which are Demographic, Cryptographic and Behavioral. There are 2 main product streams for SKY-II, which are Skin Care and Cosmetics. The different product has different effect, like Whitening, Wrinkle Resilient and Spot Control. (*7) The price of SKY-II is costly and not adjustable, but there are various seasonal packages for their customers in order to attract them to purchase more and more. Also, there are several selling channels for SKY-II, such as Sago Department Stores, Lane Crawford, Watson and Meanings.

Excluding those channels, SKY-II has their own concept stores in Kowloon Bay and Satin as well. (*8) For the promotion of SKY-II, the two most important ways are from Television and Magazine advertisements with their famous ambassadors. Positioning and Value Proposition SKY-II is under a keen competition and is still highly positioned in Skin Care and Cosmetic Industry. The product positioning is noble, mature, modern and confident. For instance, Lola is defined as low price but in high quality and Shied is defined as high price in high quality. However, SKY-II products captured the hearts of consumers.

SKY-II gives the consumers a clear image and picks the right slogan and tragedy which is appropriate for the target customers. The value proposition of SKY-II is More for More, which means when SKY-II consumers pay more, they can get more benefits. SKY-II successfully positioned as providing superior value. Conclusion Segmentation for consumers can help SKY-II focus on developing the proper strategies for the right customer base. Corporation can allocate the resources and technical skills in the relative field. SKY-II has the same marketing mix which can fulfill various customers’ segmentations.

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