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Thunderbird is sought out by individuals and companies worldwide. Thunderbird was also the first business school to adopt an official Professional Oath of Honor. Thunderbird Offerings 1. Traditional MBA 2. Accelerated MBA 3. Master’s Program 4. Executive MBA Wall Street Journo Challenges 1 _ To Improve the effectiveness of display/ sponsored ads placement 2. To Increase traffic to the program pace by 25% 3. To improve conversion ratio by 30%

Potential solution – To improve the effectiveness of display ads placement example – executive MBA should be advertised on web page of top notch corporate site, social media like linked in. Placement of advertisement should be accurate. To increase traffic to the program pace by 25% We could use the pop up to increase the traffic. It may be for short term perspective but it will help to increase the traffic. By using for short term we could maintain the effectiveness of this tool as well as use other Google app to increase the traffic

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On basis of data gather from Google analytics, we could easily pattern and use strategy for increase traffic To improve conversion ratio by Conversion ration could be improved by the whole process need to be improved to improve conversion ratio. There should be a fast response for the lead generated for short out their quarries. IQ) The product hierarchy level model for Thunderbird would be? Q) Brand Value chain model of thunderbird? Value Stage: Marketing program investment Investment in online to attract student.

Recruit students which are suitable Interactive website Top ranking worldwide colleges Reputation of college. Good quality to education Market Performance Offers of thunderbird are expensive as compare to their competitor But offers are very useful as well as Shareholder value: N. A Q ) The lead generation to Admission process of thunderbird. Online media buying: Here Thunderbird uses several commercial media channel and candidate with help of SEE, social media, web banner, pop up.

Lead are collected for database and second step is lead qualification Traditional way: through telephone word of mouth, referrals, alumni post experience about thunderbird. Interaction with Agency: tie up with external media agency and get the database and try to contact that particular candidates by the way of traditional way and get him/ her prospects. Q) Key performance indicator These are the metric employed to evaluate the performance of organization.

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