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The individual is able to set off the alarm a maximum of three times before his membership is terminated and he is forced out of the gym. While his gym offers low rates, free pizza one night a week to all gym members and all the candy you can eat 2417 It’s a gym that is designed to sabotage the Individual’s health and their chances of Improving their dally lives while feeding their bad habits. We as a group feel that this marketing commercial is not effective.

Since Planet Fitness is a gym that prides themselves on the slogan ‘Judgment Free Zone’ it contradicts what the gym stands for, which is not intimidation or Judgment. The link alarm brings attention to the individual causing them to feel embarrassment, immolation and room for them to be Judge. Commercials that Planet Fitness use for their marketing seems to reinforce the stereotypes that people have on bodybuilders as being unintelligent “Muscle Heads” for example, not being able to tie their shoes or do nothing else except lifting weights.

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The commercials make it seem like advanced athletes are not welcomed to the facility and should an athlete happen to be a member of the facility they may feel discouraged from doing a more advanced routine such as FIT training. Basically Planet Fitness is a “Fortress” built to house people who are insecure about their figure and look and people who are threatened by a more fit and active Individual hence why all there commercials convey the Idea that “It’s k to be fat and not fit, fit and athletic people are the enemy. In terms of Marketing Planet Fitness has done well building a reputation as the worst gym for any serious or committed fitness individual to attend and become well known for their ridiculous link alarm and borderline imbecilic perception of fitness which in the end we as a group feel to be an insult to every fitness professional and personal earners. The gym or at the beginner level in fitness. As we were doing research on Planet geared towards cardiac fitness.

A feature that they have in there gym’s is ‘The Link Alarm’ This is where if an individual while working out grunts or makes any loud noise such as dropping the weights an air raid siren -style alarm will go off along candy you can eat 2417 it’s a gym that is designed to sabotage the individual’s health and their chances of improving their daily lives while feeding their bad habits.

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