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Degree of Rivals: According to Michael Porter (1985) Concentration of Industry, exit barriers, product differences, diversity of rivals and Industry growth. Supplier power: It concentrates on Concentration of suppliers, switching costs, possibility of forward integration, and Importance of buyer to supplier. According to Richard D. (1994) SOOT analysis is very useful technique in looking at the overall future of an organization, as well as considering the launch of new marketing activity. According to Pall N. And Richter A. 2007) SOOT analysis covers the following aspects, of which the first two considerations look at the internal workings of the organization. Strengths: what is organization good at? Based on the key advantages over the competition, in terms of its products and services as well as facilities. Weaknesses: It concentrates on the area need to improve. It is more of constructive type. Opportunities: It takes In to consideration of market it Is based on external factors such as transportation, decrease in competition etc.

Threats: It depends upon the danger which can be cause by external changes or market changes. Porter’s five forces model can be use to make qualitative evaluation of Primary strategic position. It is also useful for specific condition. But according to Porter (1980) it should be used at the line-of-business industry level. A firm like Primary who competes in a single industry should develop at least one five forces analysis for its industry. According to Pall N. And Richter A. 2007) once important issues identified they can be feed in to the marketing objectives.

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SOOT analysis can be use in conjunction with other tools for audit and analysis, such as PEST analysis. SOOT is very popular because of its simplicity and easy to learn feature. Marketing By megavolt and Someone Inseams (2008) PL can be used both proactively and retrospectively. Proactively, Primary need to access how it think that its product will perform through its PL and a marketing strategies and marketing mix that should accompany each actors creates barrier to new entrance in the industry.

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