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Smell can stay in our memory for a long period of time. Thus, different scents activate our senses, which can even help to appeal some person. There are many companies, which specialize on developing different fragrances. In fact, It takes a lot of tremendous work to create perfume, which can be appealing to many people. It is not easy to advertise fragrances, because people need to trust a product before trying it. For example, by watching TV advertisement the viewer cannot smell the product. That is why companies need to come up with creative advertisement, which can describe their arrogance from the best angle.

Thus, in order to be able to attract customers, the company also needs to have an effective marketing strategy. Give the name of the product and the manufacturer. Give a brief history of the product and the company that manufactures the product. Dior is one of the companies, which was popular among buyers from all over the world for a long period of time. In 1999 a new legend was born with the launch of Jade AAU De Perfume, a unique fragrance that expresses the absolute femininity and essence of the Dior couture spirit (Grainier, 2010).

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This refuse Instantly became famous and one of the reasons for such success Is appealing commercial campaign. As a result, many women purchase this fragrance, because they want to look as confident as Charlie Thereon in this commercial. Explain (with reference to a marketing text book what is meant by the term marketing mix then outline the marketing mix of your chosen product (You should consider product lifestyle, positioning, packaging, pricing strategy, communication mix and distribution strategy). Each successful company along with overall marketing strategy needs to develop marketing mix.

The marketing mix Is the set of controllable, tactical market (Kettle, 2013). Thus, marketing mix involves different components, which can help to appeal more customers. There are also a lot of important marketing tools, which have to be carefully analyzed. A product’s position is the way the product is defined by consumers on important attributes – the place the product occupies in customers’ minds relative to competing products (Kettle, 2013). There is a great number of different good fragrances. Many of them are advertised by famous people, such as actors and singers.

Therefore, it is not easy to attract clients. A positioning expert once said that products are created in the factory, but brands are created in the mind (Kettle, 2013). Thus, good brand, which is already popular among many people, can help to create a base of customers for new product. Dior is one of the companies, which is always popular among buyers from all over the world. One of the reasons is that this brand has been famous for its unique and good quality products for a long period of time. Moreover, Dior has always been associating with luxury and style.

In addition, this brand launches clothes as well as make up. Price is also extremely important marketing tool. In fact, in makeup business it helps to define your target market. For instance, it can be mass market or professional cosmetics. Dior has always been a luxury brand; nevertheless its pricing strategy also makes it available to mass market. Packaging involves designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product (Kettle, 2013). Good packaging always helps consumer to recognize the brand.

In fact, people are also attracted to the design of the Dior fragrances bottle. One of the reasons is that it was created by the famous designer. John Gilligan inspired the bottle, designed by Here Van Straiten, crowning he amphora with a headdress in tribute to the Mammas necklaces of his first haute couture collection (Grainer, 2010). Distribution means bringing the product closer to the client, while communication informs the client of the attributes or benefits a product has (Believable, 2008). Advertising is also important aspect of distribution and communication.

For instance, Isadora perfume instantly became famous because of the appealing commercial campaign. Since 2004 the fragrance has boasted Charlie Thereon as its ambassador representing glamour, strength, elegance and talent – the perfect icon for Isadora (Grainier, 2010). In this commercial, the actress projects beauty, confidence and sensuality. As a result, many women and young girls purchase this fragrance, because they feel more confident. With reference to a marketing textbook, explain why marketers should monitor environmental factors.

Then using a grid, develop a PESTLE which highlights how each environmental factor may influence each element of your chosen products marking mix ups. Environmental factors play an important role in marketing process. They create favorable or unfavorable climate for the product to be sold. There are different actors, which are connected to different spheres, such as politics, economy or technology. Political When looking at political factors the impact of any political or legislative changes should be considered that could affect business operation (Xx, 2005).

In fact, internal policy can have a serious impact on any business. For example, the government can create certain environmental laws, which can eventually ban production of certain component of the perfume. In addition, the government can limit distribution of international company, should be careful while launching new product. Economic Dior is French brand. Nevertheless, the company managed to succeed in different regions. In fact, it is important to pay attention to European market.

In Europe, the politicians drove the introduction of the Euro currency but the impacts include economic factors: cross-border pricing, European interest rates, banks charges and so on (Xx, 2005). Thus, although Europe should not be a problematic segment, there are different economic peculiarities, which can undermine the business. Socio cultural Social factors influence people’s choices and include societal beliefs, values and attitudes (Xx, 2005). That is why it is important to pay attention to advertising.

In fact, some controversial campaigns can have a bad influence on the people’s decision to purchase the product, In addition, it is always important to know your target market and develop advertising that can be appealing to that category of people. Technological Technological change has a major impact on business success. For instance, Internet has become one of the most powerful sources for many businesses. That is why Dior Company is keeping up with technological innovations, because it has its official web site and even sells its fragrances online.

With reference to a marketing textbook, outline what a marketing plan is comprised of. Explain why it is useful for companies to use marketing plans. Marketing plan is an essential component of each successful company. Only knowledge and understanding of the consumer enables marketing managers to plan effective marketing strategies and to generate satisfactory product (Xx, 2005). Consumer behavior can be quite unpredictable and it also changes all the time. That is why before launching a product each company needs to create effective plan, which can include necessary components.

Some of the most significant ointments of marketing plan are segmentation, awareness, concept, customer satisfaction, brand image, brand equity, pricing and advertising (Xx, 2005). If the company is able to manage all these factors it can attract the target market. Conclusion All in all, Dior is one of the most popular brands and it successfully implements its marketing strategy. For example, the perfume Jade AAU De Perfume attracts consumers because of the appealing advertising company. In fact, there are diverse environmental factors, which can influence this company. Nevertheless, there are no serious threats to this company for now.

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