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Highly satisfied customers produce several benefits for a company. List some of these benefits. How do companies delight customers? How do companies grow their share of customer? 2- Pick a favorite Web site and write a brief analysis of how the site rates on the ACS of effective Web site design. What forms of online advertising and promotion does the Web site employ? How can the site be improved? Be specific. – Companies with an environmental management perspective take aggressive actions to affect the publics and forces in their marketing environments. As a marketing manager, what are some ways that you might proactively influence your marketing environment? 4- In designing the advertising for a bottled water product, which would you find more helpful: information about consumer demographics or consumer lifestyles? Give examples of how you would use each type of information. 5- The marketer must identify steps in target marketing. Briefly discuss each step ? 6- .

List and explain the core, actual, and augmented products for educational experiences that universities offer. How are these products different, if at all, from those offered by Junior colleges? 7- List the typical pricing objectives. Which of these objectives do you believe: (a) is the most commonly used; (b) is the most difficult to achieve; (c) has the greatest potential for long-term growth of the organization; and (d) is most likely to be employed by an e-commerce company? Explain. 8- Describe the similarities and differences between retailing and wholesaling.

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Can a many be a retailer and a wholesaler at the same time? Explain. 9- List and briefly describe each of the major forms of direct marketing. Pick one of the following companies and demonstrate how it could use each form of direct marketing to sell its products and services: (a) Microsoft, (b) General Motor. 10- Competitive strategies for firms playing the role of market leader, challenger, follower, or niches. Answer the following questions for either the personal computer, cellular phone or automobile: (a) Which firms in the industry assume each of the oleos listed above? B) What general competitive strategy does each of the major competitors use? 11- Once a company has decided to sell in a foreign country, it must determine the best mode of entry. Assume you are the marketing manager for Mountain Dew (citrus flavored soft drink made by Pepsi ), and devise a plan for marketing your product in China. Pick a mode of entry, explain your marketing strategy, and comment on the possible difficulties you might encounter.

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