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We are the leading wireless communications company n the United States, based in Columbus, OH we provide wireless communication to more than 120. 1 million subscribers. Cruder Wireless also provides converged communications, information and entertainment services over America’s most advanced fiber-optic network, and delivers innovative, seamless business solutions to customers around the world. A DOD 30 company, Cruder Wireless employs a workforce of 75,000 and last year generated revenues of more than $107 billion.

Cruder Wireless was formed on June 22, 2000, with the $52 billion merger of Bell South. Today Cruder Wireless is one of the fortune 500 companies and has received any awards that included JDK Power for five consecutive years in customer service. We are the leading wireless company in G LET and hard line cable. We continue to look for solutions and innovation ideas to enhance not only our business but our customer base as well. Company and Product Company Vision and mission Here at Cruder Wireless we pride ourselves with providing a great customer experience for our customer base.

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With the help of our customers and our employs, Our company Vision consist of five words “powerful answers with one solution”. With this company vision we are able to press forward with a mission to adventure into he global market and create a wonderful customer base outside the United States. Product We are a communications company that provides wireless and hard line service to our customer. We pride our fast and large wireless network which is the most reliable within the United States. We do this both investing in our technology and pumping millions each year into our network to enhance the customer experience.

With our incredible device line up and plan options we are able to sell our wireless product to each and every American. With our customers as our number one priority e engage all feedback from customers to help us innovate and provide “powerful answers with one solution”. Marketability: The cell phone market is very dense in India, with many carriers and little customers it will be our strategy to target the younger market as they are the most in need. Our product is very marketable as the cell phone industry is booming and more people rely on wireless than any other service.

We will attack aggressively by showing our reliable network and phones that are offered. We will wow them with our JDK power customer service incentives and bring GLEE to the area. Our advertising will show customer profiles that have witness the greatness of Cruder Wireless in the United States. With marketing in full gear we project to become very successful in India. Marketing strategy Strengths: 1) Network- our network is the most powerful and reliable in the United States. Not only does normal citizens use our network, the federal government relies on it as well. ) Excellent customer service- we provide world class service to our customers and have won JDK power awards for the last five consecutive years. 3) Product development- we continue to lead the industry in enhancing cell waves and out fiber optic network 4) Coverage- we have the largest coverage of cellular waves in the United States Weakness: 1) Pricing- our pricing structure allows us to be more profitable and enhance the customer experience. We are not the cheapest, however our pricing allows us to remain profitable. 2) Coverage- although we have the largest coverage there are factors as regulations where are coverage is not available. ) Features- we offer many types of phones and products, but some features that those phones have may not to capable with our network. Opportunities: 1) New products- developing and innovating new products to our consumers and equines partners. Ex: next generation of data speeds 2) New markets- expanding our network outside the the United States. Ex: India and Germany 3) Expanding beyond Just phones- creating agreements with hard line cable companies to expand to television cable and faster data speeds. Threats : 1) Competitors- with entering the global market there are major competitors such as Aircrew Inc. ) Customer base- establishing a customer base and targeting groups to buy into our product that we are offering. 3)Demand- keeping up with demand in this foreign country as well as the demand in the United States. Alternative Strategies: 1) Reaching out to cable line companies to expand services through hard wire, which will expand our services in hard to reach areas such as India. 2) Staying ahead with data services and focusing on the next generation of cellular services 3) Producing features based on customer needs.

Ex: plans, phone features, and financing. Marketing Objectives Research: With our strategy to enter the global market and enter India as the first country, heavy research has been done to make sure that we are successful with this innovation idea. We have strategically partner with other carriers in the country to sign agreements to use their towers. We have also taken a look at Aircrew Indian’s largest carrier and have found they have been very successful not only in India but in other countries by offering valuable incentives for their customers.

The incentives that have been offer is on their pre-pay side, their pre pay ARPA is very low, so to enhance that number they have offer many incentives such as free activations and lower calling plans (McMahon, A. , Bass, A. , Roy, R. , & Valletta, R). Another major factor we have came across by entering the global market is that there is a mix as showed below Diversity Global marketing mind-set Pluralistic marketing perspective(Mueller, M. , & Harvey) Market Segmentation: By dividing our target market we will be able see where our focus money will be. We are targeting young families and young adults.

With many young families establishing families and homes, we can target our wireless service for the internet needs in the home and phone needs with cell phones. The same with single young adults, targeting college students and recent college graduates we will be able to sell our service aggressively as they are looking for new services from papillary numbers that have been ran. Target Market/ Customer Profile: The market in India is very saturated with many cellular companies such as Aircrew, Irritate, and Reliance Communications (McMahon, A. , Bass, A. , Roy, R. , & Valletta, R) .

We have selected this country because India is the second largest country in the world and the marketplace there is very open. During our internal research, we have found that most of the markets are very open for young families and young adults. The companies listed above have used very unique marketing strategies to have subscribers sign with them. However our internal research has shown that young families and young adults bounce between these carriers because they are not pappy with the experience based on customer service, reliability, and device line up.

Marketing goals Specific timeline for goals: We have established a timeline to market to India and launch our product over the next year. 1st quarter- January 2014-march 2014 ; Marketing campaigns will start via mailings, television commercials, emails, text messages and door to door campaigns. ;New Delhi call center will open with hiring and recruiting in full force. ; Training for all network engineers and leadership will be complete 2nd quarter – April 2014-June 2014 ; Launch date April 9, 2014- the Cruder Wireless network goes live! All leadership from Cruder Wireless will be in New Delhi center ; Continuing marketing will heavy as the network is now live 3rd quarter- July 2014-September 2014 First results for the India market will be presented New phone sent to launch 4th quarter Octobers-Decembers End of the year results Holiday season Based on end of the year results- review operations and expand hiring, network, and devices Wars to reach target market: Our marketing team has established a aggressive marketing plan and analysis to reach our target market of young families and young adults.

Our marketing team will rate multiple TV commercials, internet ads, faceable and Mainstream marketing, door to door advertising, and emailing flyers. By using these strategies we will be able to reach our target market in a aggressive way. We have also created a website to allow customers to become customers online. The website will allow our future customers to create an account, select a phone, select a calling and data plan, and allow the customer to have the device in hand two days prior to launch.

Implementation Plan Methods used to implement to target market: The ways that we intend to gain trust from our target market is to use forecasting ethos used from our company in the US and forecasting from Aircrew and Irritate Breath. (www. Irritate. In/WAP/WAC) Product, Place, Price, Promotion : Product- With our product we will sell our product in an aggressive manner. We will have a variety of calling and data plans, phones, financing, payment options, and accessory offers.

We will maintain our high standard in providing the best coverage along with a reliable network. Place- We have established great channels in India and signed multiple agreements with carriers to provide our services. Our inventory level to begin will be high as we are forecasting great customer reposes based on he preliminary numbers. Our engineers in our website department have been working hard to create a website for our India market and our ready to launch. Price- Our pricing is $10. 0 cheaper than the plans offered by Irritate, we also will have marketing campaigns that will allow all new customer to receive free activations and $50. 00 off any phone purchase for the first month of launch. Promotion- marketing in the India market will be aggressive for the first year as we build a customer base. Door to door advertising, emails, commercials, social media, and our sales force will e very vital. With our center in New Delphi opening before launch we will be able to hit the promotion campaign months prior to launch.

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