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The assessment of this module is divided into two equal components as detailed below: Component 1 – 50% a) In groups you are required to engage with the Marketing marketing planning software. Over a period of seven weeks you will make seven rounds of strategic marketing decisions and assess the impact of these on the ‘simulated’ company’s performance. At the end of the seven week period you are required to give a poster presentation of no more than twenty minutes that will provide a week-by-week reawaken of the process and performance of the ‘simulated’ company.

For example the group would feedback the on how decisions were taken, the Information used to make these and the impact etc. (30%) b) You are required to reflect on your experience of using the marketing software through an individual reflective account of no more than 750 words. Think about your role within the group, the challenges that you faced (and how you overcame these) and the overall impact of using the simulator on your learning experience. (20%)

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Component 2- 50% You are required to write an Individual essay of no more than 2,000 words In response to the following. Sticking rigidly to the strategic marketing plan can sometimes be worse than having no plan at all. Evaluate this statement in the context of an organization (s) you are familiar with. It is imperative that you consult a wide range of scholarly articles to underpin your argument. Marks will be awarded as follows: 1 . Quality and structure of the argument presented 2. Understanding of the strategic nature of marketing SE of appropriate scholarly articles 3. 10% 4 Application to ten organization AT your console 5. Quality of writing and general presentation Assessment Criteria Component 1 – 50% (a 30% and b) 20%) Students will use the simulator over a seven week period and will be carefully monitored by tutors and staff from marketing. At the end of the seven week period students will present their reflections on the process via a poster and provide an individual reflective account of the process.

Both the poster and the individual afflictive account should focus on the types of strategic decisions and their impact and should demonstrate a clear understanding of strategic marketing planning. Component 2 – 50% You are required to write an individual essay of no more than 2,000 words in ‘Sticking rigidly to the strategic marketing plan can sometimes be worse than having familiar with’. As this is an essay, students will approach this from a number of angles. As long as the argument is solid and underpinned by scholarly research then appropriate marks should be awarded.

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