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Marketing Applications Marketing Analysis of company Dare Karate 2012/2013 Content l. Executive summary II. Situation analysis 11. 1 Company analysis Dare karate is a small shop offering quality farm food. It is possible to find there only the food without various flavors, chemical conservations and colorings. Most of the offered products come from Slain Region. The shop offers pastry, confectionery, meat, meat products, milk and milk products, brandies, beers, ciders, baked teas, flours etc.

The shop is located on the street KvetchГ?? in Slain and was opened on 14th August 2012. Business name: Dare Karate Location of headquarters: Poodles IV 5349, 760 05 Slain Legal form: Sole proprietor Field of activity: buying and selling foods Number of employees: 3 employees 11. 2 Company objectives Mission – offering first-rate foods to people. Vision – Be number one in offering first-rate foods in Slain. Objectives: In basement they would like to realism production of some foods.

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For example to produce pasta of the wholegrain flour or snacks of fruit comes from this region. Strategy: communication with customers, finding out and understanding of customer’s needs high quality of offering products n future to sale their products on the Internet and provide delivery services 11. 3 Because the shop Dare Karate is located near the centre, there are many people passing this street every day. But the problem is that no all of them know about this shop.

Customers are various – to shop there are going shopping young people as well as seniors or wealthy people. Generally the age of customers is up to 18. Average there is about 200 customers per day. But as well as in other shops or supermarkets most customers come on Friday afternoon. Each customer spend here average about 100 – 150 crowns per one purchase. Of course on Friday they spend more money than in other days. Among the best sold products belong meat and meat products, pastry, milk and milk products. 11. Product market In the assortment of shop Dare Karate it is possible to find variety products. It offers milk, many kinds of milk products (like yoghurt’s, cottages, cheeses, whey, buttermilk, butter, cream, acidity milk etc. ), meat (beef, veal, pork) and meat products (sausages, bratwursts, hams, salamis etc. ), many kinds of flours (wheat, corn, rye, … ), eggs, vegetables (garlic, onion, salad, beet, radishes, tomatoes, parsley, cucumber, carrot, pinch, cauliflower, dill, peas, broccoli, zucchini, cabbage) pastry (breads, rolls, baguettes, cakes etc. , honey, teas, alcohol (Slavonic, wine, beers), dried fruits, confectionery, vinegar, Jams, nuts, oils, Juices, pasta, spices Most of these products are sold with 30% margin. The most sold products contain milk and milk products, meat and meat products and pastry (especially breads and rolls). 11. 4. 1 BCC matrix 11. 4. 2 Suppliers: Milk and milk products are delivered by these suppliers: Organic farm Horopito – Rhino pod RadiosГ??m – products made of cow’s milk Farm

ZAP – FlasksГ?? Bicyclist – pastured milk and products made of cow’s milk Farm CelledГ??Ana – CeladonГ?? – flavored yoghurt’s and products made of cow’s milk Farm Cadenza – Housetops and Behoove – PoursГ??take (cottage with chocolate) and products made of cow’s milk Sheep farm Introduction – FlasksГ?? Bicyclist – milk products made of sheep ‘s milk Goat farm SeedГ??kopi – goesГјVGA (Sloop v MoraviaГ??m okras) – products made of goat’s milk Pastry is delivered by these bakers: Bakery Lotto – Padding Lotto – wide range of sourdough breads and rolls Pastry Stark CohesiveГ?? – Voice – sourdough breads and small sourdough pastry Peter

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