Marketing and the Strip Club Assignment

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Re: Marketing Topic Paper (Subject Matter) The subject I chose for my topic report is ” Competing in the Adult Night Club Industry ” . The subject sparked my interest when I over heard a classmate saying she wanted to own a “strip club”. I also had thoughts of one day opening my own “gentlemen’s club”. Typically when you think of a “strip club” you think of a low class, raunchy, place filled with criminals, but contrary to some beliefs that isn’t always the case. There is an upscale adult entertainment venue called a “gentlemen’s club”.

We both had made reference to the recent popularity of a nightclub in Washington, DC called “The Stadium Club”. “The Stadium Club” considers itself an upscale “gentlemen’s club” that offers things such as: five star dining, dancing, live adult entertainment, valet, and door-to-door limousine service. “The Stadium Club” advertises live on the radio, works with various club promoters, is frequented by many celebrities, and is now featured in various rap songs and videos. “The Stadium” has a strong following on both facebook and twitter and has now become a DC “hot spot”.

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I knew that “The Stadium” wasn’t the only adult entertainment venue in the area, so I wondered “What made it so popular? ” and “Why was “The Stadium Club” more sucessful than the others like it? “. Through a market analysis I found that this industry is highly competitive. With regards to one of “Porters five forces” I decided to base my paper on the threat of rivalry among the competetiors in this industry. Introduction There is recent trend involving the popularity of “gentlemen’s clubs” thru-out the United States.

With a growing acceptance and tolerance for these venues clubs are being bought and sold for millions of dollars These adult entertainment clubs have become just as popular as “regular clubs”. Atlanta and Las Vegas have an entire nightlife surrounding this industry with millions of dollar being made by these nightclub owners. There are over 2,500 “gentlemen’s clubs” competing in this 15 billion dollar market surrounding the industry. Out of the 2,500 venues only two have become successful enough to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

The most successful one being “Rick’s Cabaret” based in New York City. Ricks is a very upscale “gentlemen’s club” that puts “The Stadium Club” to shame. According to “Business Wire New York” Ricks is the leading operator of upscale “gentlemen’s clubs”. “Ricks Cabaret” dominates the market operating over eleven clubs in seven cities including: Philadelphia, New Orleans, Charlotte, New York Miami, Dallas, Huston, and Minneapolis. ” Ricks Caberet” Miami location operates as “Tooties” and was voted the number one “gentlemens club” in the United states by “Complex Magazine”.

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