Marketing and Long Term Repayment Assignment

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Initials urology of stores has been received,and marketing Is now difficult to continue success. The stores is offering few things like 5 years guarantee on every item sold and long term payments plans. Market summary Buffs posses good information about market and knows a great deal about common attributes of our customers. Market analysis Profile of Buffs customers consists of the demographic,geographic and behavioral factors based on local chamber of commerce report-overview of Perth area tells that population growth is 6% per year,new homes growing from a base of 40,000 per year and low unemployment rate of 3%. R immediate target is the area of Perth with a population of 250,000,a km is the average store market. Buffs believes that customers are Interested mostly In range services and payments plan. In addition to technological developments. Market growth In 2010 the national outdoor lifestyle market reached $ 250 million dollars. And the outdoor growth is expected to grow by tallest 4% for the next few years-and few factors are behind that growth. * Increase in disposable household income * Increase availability of affordable and Interesting quality Imports. * Change In marketing trends Economy

Forecast economy tells that the buffs Interest rate will be same therefore there will be no effect on disposable income,and same we are expecting about employment level while the buffs assumes that unemployment will remain at 4%. Political From one of the research ,buffs identified that government focus for further legislative direction will be growing the economy and population base and it is good for Buffs business. And a very strong recommendation for environment sound business practices in legislative framework. SOOT Analysis Following SOOT analysis shows the strength,weakness ,opportunity and threats In Buffs business.

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Strength 1 . Good space In retail and It is very functional and efficient for commercial urban areas. 2. Very good loyalty from customers because of their repetition 3. Very good staff members who have excellent skilled and knowledge about outdoor lifestyle 1 OFF accessibility Weakness 1 . Struggle to continually fund the growing long term repayment plans taken out by our customers. 2. Minted marketing budget to aware people about brand due to less store cover. Opportunity 1 . Increase the sales opportunity outside the area of Perth 2. Its a growing market with huge number of target market still not aware of Buffo’s offer.

Threats 1 . Competition with local independence who can reduce price . 2. Competition from national chains moving in the Perth market 3. A down in the economy,reducing customers,disposable income spent on outdoor lifestyle. Competition There are two kind of competition Local competition -all independents-these stores are owned by individual owners operator. And the range of products will be according to the owner preference. Very few important. Mostly Australian manufacture goods will be in store and their average product price will be $200. They have a market share of 40%. ND growing at the rate f 5%. National competition -The yard-limited selection but good depth. All products are Australian made. Not a good marketing . High price with good quality. Not in Perth. Mostly in Brisbane and Sydney. -Buffs r us-broad range of products. Lots of cheap import. Very good in replacement segment. Not in Perth mostly in Adelaide and Brisbane. -outdoors-few stores in the city with large operations. Good value price. No imported goods. Good range of quality. Good advertisement. Strong in other capital cities . Good in replacement segment but not good in refurbished dwellings.

Buffs do not expect any change in racket strategy or product offers in next few years. Growth and share analysis -new dwellings- growth in potential customers 8%. Estimated Perth customers number in 2012 is 50,000. -renovation-growth in potential customers 5%. Estimated Perth customers numbers in 2012 is 15,000. -replacement-growth in potential customers 2%. Estimated Perth customers number in 2012 is 20,000. Service ferruginous has created a good range of products that are different and good than competitors. Customers can easily see the quality of products as it displayed in stores. He following are the characteristics of product. . Imported products 2. The 2 years guarantee is unique in market 3. Buffo’s credit offer is backed by a top rank bank 4. Wide range of products in chosen field. Buffs will ensure that all aspects involved in the delivery of satisfaction to the customers will follow the integrated approach. At a glance-The prototype Buffs store: -location:a commercial suburban neighborhood,or urban retail district. – design:bright and functional -size:8500 to 12000 meter square -employment to 15 full time plus casuals. -type of transactions:70% on cash and 30% on long term repayment plans.

Keys to Location,location,location Buffo’s site selection are critical to success. Scott ,former partner of an international chain helped us to identify the following site selection criteria: -new dwelling population -shopping patterns require easy access -customer car park is very important Critical issues Buffs ‘s critical issues are: -continuing the long term repayment plans -locating easy access sites,close to the growing market in new dwelling development. – staying committed to sales growth,allowing for greater option in important assortments and reduces price with volume buys,this will improve profit margins.

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