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General Information Current staff number I Permanent full time % I Expected staff turnover I Common reason for loss of staff | 100 (10 full time & 9 contracted teachers across 3 colleges | 60%, others are contracted | 3-4 staff per year I Moving to full time employment (contractors) I Required staff Job Title I Quantity I Expected staff turnover I Skills necessary I Date required I Office Manager | 1 | 3-4 years I Relevant qualifications in Office Management.

At least 2 years experience I Montreal I Recruitment options Advertising in the local paper, online advertising, and/or training current staff members on the basis of experience. Products/services Product/Service I Description I Price I Retail Cert.. Ill, IV & Diploma I Hospitality | $3000 in Average I Cert.. Ill In -rounds | $1500 | Diploma I In Tourism | $4500 | Diploma & Advanced Diploma I In Business & Management | $8000 | Market position: Sydney Metropolitan area, where students can have easy access to public transport in compare to other colleges.

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All three colleges are located close to transport and near to suburbs. Unique selling position: Flexible timetable to the students day or evening classes even in weekends in a daytime which rarely other colleges provides. These will really helps students to manage time to study and arks. Pricing strategy: C.V. uses a value based and competitor index pricing set. The increase number of international student helps regulate its market where every market increases its price.

In order to compete with other market C.V. provides students to get 2 qualifications in a year with a flexible pricing strategy, whereas other colleges hardly provide that opportunity. Value to customer: Students are our customers, 75% of customers are satisfied with the quality services and flexible prices. The services that C.V. provides, students will comply with visa requirements ND helps to get in higher degree of education as well as helps to achieve residency. Growth potential: The anticipated percentage growth of the product in the future will be 90%.

The increase in the flow of international students will Risk management Risk I Likelihood I Impact I Strategy I drive this growth Political & economic factors I. E. Visa condition, currency exchange rate I Highly Likely I High I – Regular contact with education agents to know how it impact on business and how to respond to help them. I Code of practice This code of practice supports our guarantee and commitment to quality training and assessment, demonstrated through: * Ethical and accurate marketing and advertising Information provided to clients and students before enrolment, including all costs and charges. Documented fair refund policy including administration fees, charges and refund conditions. * Complete and accurate recording and retention of academic, financial and other student records and students’ right to access the information we hold. * Confidentiality of information held unless authorized by students/clients or under law. * Protection and privacy of student’s personal information through privacy policy act. Commitment to the reminisces of access and equity with staff and students made aware of their obligations to protect their own and others health, safety and welfare in a positive environment free of discrimination or harassment * Course progress monitoring procedures to ensure that students receive all reasonable assistance to successfully complete their course once accepted for enrolment * Complaints and grievance procedures clearly explained and displayed on our website, including the complaints escalation steps, appeals process and engagement of independent negotiation, to ensure agreed resolution of complaints. Learning and assessment strategies and assessments are developed through consultation and engagement with and feedback from industry representatives and trainers. This ensures graduates meet the required skills, knowledge and standard of performance required in the workplace * Our training and assessment staffs continuously engage with industry and professional development activities to ensure their knowledge and skills reflect current industry practice. Assessment is tailored to meet individual student’s learning needs * C.V. is continuously improving services and products and seeks input and feedback room students and staff through surveys and continuous improvement action requests. Marketing Strategies Product: C.V. has focused on the quality and affordable product and service for the students. The students who are seeking for residency mostly from these countries such as India, Asian and Middle Eastern students between the ages of 18-34 will be benefited.

C.V. helps students, after completing their course from C.V. they will comply with visa requirement and get opportunity to apply for residency. The actual product provide by C.V. are recognized name of company, enrolment, educational facilities, information systems, staff and expertise. C.V. also offered specialist information for the students regarding the benefits of recognized studies in Australia. Price: – The common price in the market won’t have value in customer perception.

C.V. uses alternate market segment being flexible which is value based pricing strategy and competitor indexing to set its price. Place : in order to fulfill the demand of students, C.V. being flexible runs its classes in different times in a day and evening. The Market Market research [What statistical research have you completed to help you analyses your market? Did you use a survey/questionnaire? If so, you may like to attach a copy of your survey/ questionnaire to the back of this plan. ] Market targets [Outline your planned sales targets.

What quantity of your products/services do you plan to sell in a planned timeshare? Are they monthly or yearly targets? ] Environmental/industry analysis [Detail the results of the market research you have performed. Is the area experiencing population growth? Are there long-term employers in the area? Is the region’s economy stable? Are there seasonal variations? What is the size of the market? What recent trends have emerged in the market? What growth potential is available and where do you fit in? How will the market/customers change when you enter the market? Your customers Customer demographics [Define who your target customers are and how they behave. You can include age, gender, social status, education and attitudes. ] Key customers [Identify your key customers. (These can be large consumers of your products or individuals whose satisfaction is key to the success of your business. ) How will you target your products/service to them? ] Customer management [How will you maintain a good relationship with your customers? What techniques ill you use? How will you keep your customers coming back?

Have you introduced customer service standards? Do you follow any particular code of practice? ] S. W. O. T. Analysts Strengths I Weaknesses I * Staffs are well trained ; experienced * Staffs are expertise in order to provide services as customer expectation * Affordable prices to all groups of student * C.V. offers additional benefits to students by providing credits * Easy access ; near to transports, close to suburbs * Flexible hours timetable- day or evening including weekend * Educational Accreditation ; registered *

CSV’s own website for communication method & college information I Limited course available * A lack of marketing expertise * Only 3 colleges in one state * Weak reputation I Opportunities I Threats I * Continuing demand of Vocational training in market * The growth and demand of online education * International market * Expand colleges in other states I Unstable political and economic condition which can affect in the flow of international students * Price wars with competitors * Taxation in our services * Competitors in market providing same product/services I Market Segmentation Geographical I Demographic Sydney metropolitan area * Near to suburbs * Close to station I *Age- 18-34 * Family size – Young single and young married * Income – (individual) <$40,OHO(Couple) * Occupation – Student I Cryptographic I Behavioral * Values, attitudes and lifestyle grouping; believers, striver * Roy Morgan Values segment: Young Optimism; Something Better I * Benefits sought: Service; economy * User status: Medium user; No Loyalty * Attitudes towards product: Indifferent I Advertising & promotional strategy [What strategies do you have for promoting and advertising your products/services in the next 12 months?

Planned promotion [advertising type I Expected business improvement I Cost ($) I Target date I [Print media advertising, online advertising, mail-out, giveaway, media release, social media campaign or event. ] I [How do you expect it will improve your business success? ] Sales & marketing objectives [Montreal] [Who makes up your sales team? What sales techniques will they use? What tools/ material will they use to help sell your products/services? What sales goals/targets will they meet? ] Unique selling position [Why do you have an advantage over your competitors? How will your products/ arrives succeed in the market where others may have failed? ] Sales & distribution channels Channel type I Products/services I Percentage of sales (%) I Advantages I Disadvantages I [e. G.

Seafront, internet, direct mail, export or wholesale] I [List all the products/services sold via this channel] I [What percentage of overall sales do you expect to sell via this channel? ] I [What advantages are there of using this channel for these products? ] I [What challenges do you expect to face using this channel? How will you overcome them? ] I The Future Vision statement [What is your business’ vision statement? It should briefly outline your future plan for the business and include your overall goals. ] Mission statement [What is your business’ mission statement? I. E. How will you achieve your vision? ] Goals/objectives [What are your short & long term goals?

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