Marketing and Burger King Assignment

Marketing and Burger King Assignment Words: 370

What do you think of Burger King’s advertising tactics? Is it K to attract new customers while alienating others? Is Burger King’s advertising ethical? Explain. The success of advertising is very often based on its ability to surprise or in BI’S case shock the viewer. I think that the goal of each organization is to maximize its profits. K like all organizations had a particular target market segment which It wanted to cater to. Thus, Its advertisements were meant to appeal to this target market, I. . 8-34 year old people. And as the results show, the advertising tactics were highly successful and turned the once stagnating company’s fortunes around. Therefore, I think BI’S advertising tactics were acceptable and in general it is k to design advertisement campaigns so as they appeal to your target market. The purpose In not to alienate others, but rather a unwanted consequence. If a company strives to make advertisements that are acceptable to everyone it will risk being labeled as ordinary and boring.

In this regard, I do not think the advertisement tactics used ere unethical. However, BC could have been more careful about the medium of advertisement. They could have tried harder to avoid their advertisements being viewed by children. 2. How did Burger King manage the negative publicity It received over the content of its Coo Org Web site? Burger King took their advertising tactics to the limit in the carrot website. The advertising which was meant to target their market segment was Increasing offensive to even this segment.

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The crude and provocative tastiness were removed but the middling of the negative publicity was not up to the mark. The reason given of some software malfunction was hard to believe. This is because the advertising history of K was In line with this newest controversy. Therefore, I think it would have been much more dignified of K to accept that It had crossed the line In Its aggressive campaigning strategy. The captions should have been withdrawn and an apology made to anyone who was offended due to it. This would have been a much more it on some software malfunction, which no one actually believed.

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