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Energy Gum stops fatigue instantly. It provides the most rapid absorption of caffeine through the mouth, while also being the most solid, lightweight, and convenient method of delivery. The most common Energy Gums brands in the market today are Jolt Energy Gum and Military Energy Gum. According to the Military Energy Gum website, Energy gum improves cognitive abilities, marksmanship, physical performance, and overall vigilance. It makes you stay alert while having fun at the same time. Energy Gum energies like energy drink but taste like fresh mint. It is scientifically proven to increase mental and physical stimulation.

According to Jolt gum website, it is designed to get the energy into your body as fast as possible, up to 5 times faster than an energy drink or coffee. It contains caffeine plus Guarani and Ginseng to give you a fast, even and long-lasting energy boost. Ginseng is known throughout the world for its therapeutic and energy enhancing effects. Guarani on the other hand is a fruit common in Brazil, and typically has about twice the concentration of caffeine as a coffee bean. The energy Gum combines Caffeine, Guarani and Ginseng to give you a fast and long- lasting energy boost.

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The caffeine in Jolt Energy Gum for example is exactly the same Lucile as in coffee except for the spilling part of energy drink or coffee. Jolt Energy Gum claims that they use the most expensive and long-lasting mint flavors and patented multi-layer gum. Military Energy Gum is a highly caffeinated chewing gum which is marketed to the US Military but is also available to the general public. The caffeine content per piece of gum for Military Energy Gum is MGM. There have been studies done by scientists and the US Military to prove the effective of the Gum to increase performance.

The benefits off gum are that it won’t stain your teeth; it will clean your teeth. It will not make you run to the bathroom like coffee or energy drink. There are many benefits to chewing a gum. According to chewing gum facts website site, scientific research indicate chewing gum improves memory, reduces stress, increases focus, alertness and concentration. It also helps with managing weight, improves digestion and improves oral health. Energy Gum has dual action; it gives you energy and fresh breath. On top of the benefits of chewing gum, you are also getting faster energy.

Energy Gum enters the body within 10 seconds of chewing according gum website. Your body gets up and going faster than any other energy reduce because the active ingredient goes directly into the bloodstream through the saliva. No liquid goes in or out which makes perfect for the road, no extra stops needed. There is no need to stop what you are doing; it can be taken on the move unlike drinks. All of the energy gums in the market are sugar free and if it’s not sugar free, most of the sugar is chewed out in a few minutes. The gum being chewed, after few minutes it doesn’t have much if any sugar left over anyway.

Energy Gum boosts your energy, increases stamina and sharpens performance. The caffeine per piece of gum can range from MGM to MGM. Each package of Jolt Energy gum contains twelve bite size pieces and is equivalent to six cups of coffee or three cups of espresso. It is cheaper than coffee or an energy drink. Energy Products Comparison Chart Price The price of Jolt energy gum ranges from $1. 50 to $1. 99 per pack. And is currently available at Jolt. Com, Amazon and eBay. The flavors available are peppermint and ice mint. The average cup of coffee (non espresso) is $1. 8 when multiplied by 6 cups the total is $8. 28. The average cost of an energy drink is $2. 49 when multiplied by 5 drinks the total is $12. 45. Energy gum is clearly providing more energy for less. Energy gum is geared toward military, individuals that need to ward off drowsiness such as pick up drivers, students, construction workers, law enforcement, overnight shift workers, executives and professionals. Place Energy gum is available in 10,000 stores nationwide, such as local supermarkets and convenience stores. It is also available at Jolt. Com, Amazon and eBay where you can find different flavors like mint.

There is a petition request form you can download, print, and take to the stores that don’t sell the gum, but may be able to distribute the product. Promotion Different caffeine/gum related websites have codes that work for a limited time basis. Amazon. Com tends to mass sell boxes extremely cheap which have made the user stop looking for promo codes online. The brand equity wanted is that energy gum provides different health benefits that can impact your over all health dramatically, from cleaning your teeth to reducing stress, there are virtually no down sides to this product.

Distribution channel The American chewing gum industry has been marked by strong periods of growth and decline through the twentieth century. The energy gum segment has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Most chewing gum companies including the ones that sell energy gums use two main channels of distribution: one through wholesalers, who supply retail stores in the areas they serve, and the other through the delivery of boxes of chewing gum directly to large retail outlets from the manufacturers’ warehouses and factories.

The retail distribution chain includes food, drug, variety and convenience stores, gas stations, newsstands, and restaurants. Another important channel for these manufacturers is distributors who stock vending machines. Our proposal is to sell the energy gum through dual distribution, wholesale, and retail stores. Convenience stores and grocery stores are the main selling points for energy chewing gum. Most of the time consumers don’t decide to buy gum until they are in the checkout line, therefore it is a quick decision that is based on which gum offers the best quality. The deciding factors are taste, price, and quantity.

The energy gum tends to offer all these. The push strategy would suit this product well. Below is a go to Market Energy Gum Distribution diagram. What differentiates energy gum from other types of gum is the use of natural stimulants to increase energy. Convenience is what gives energy gum value. It is much easier to carry 15 pieces of gum than to carry a pack of energy drinks. One stick of gum can help improve your performance and increase your concentration. Furthermore, the energy gum product is targeting consumers over 18 years old, who are the heaviest of use of energy drinks and foods.

A package of energy gum is much cheaper way of getting caffeine in your system than coffee; and more convenient than logging bottles. A startup company called Gunrunners started caffeine gum in 2002 called Jolt Gum, and Military Energy Gum was started in 1998. Both products are strutted by selling on their websites to consumers and distributing to retail stores. It’s practical for startup energy gum manufacturer to establish relationships with as many retail convenience stores and grocery stores throughout the world and also sell gum directly on their website.

Generally gum is an impulse purchase, rather than a planned buy; however, energy product have a lot to offer for the price. It offers a gum that can improve your performance and increase concentration, by using organic ingredients. It can also help freshen your breath. The price objective is to maximize our market share. Chewing gum, like coffee, is a luxury that almost anyone can afford. That being said, the demand for chewing gum is less off niche market than it is a broad market with niches. It allows for targeted marketing within the broader market.

We wanted to see what kind of demographic data we could find and were surprised to find out that chewing gum is much more common than we thought. For instance we found that the average person in this country chews 280 pieces of gum per year, and that the industry as a whole makes 1. 74 Trillion pieces worldwide. As you can see having chewed gum is an almost universal experience. Wrigley is the biggest player in the US market with roughly 35% of the production. The other 65% is represented by 29 other manufacturers.

Our choosing caffeinated gum provides us the opportunity to go after many niche markets within the greater population. People consume caffeine for many reasons and in many forms. Coffee, tea, soda, and supplements are the most common, but they are not all transportable in your pocket. Convenience is one of our key selling points and that is why to show the potential demand for this product, our example target market is college students. In 2010, the Institute of Educational Sciences estimated that there were 21 Million students enrolled in degree granting institutions, a 32% increase over ten years earlier.

College can be a stressful time for some students and many use caffeine to stay up later than they normally would. Some of the options for purchasing caffeine products are not available late at night or are not readily available depending on where you are. This would make a piece of gum a good choice for the 86. 8% of students (according to a study at Oklahoma State University) that are gum chewers. That means that in this demographic alone, we have 18. Million potential customers. Additionally, we could promote some of the ingredients as being a healthy alternative to other stimulant consumables.

For instance, if we were to use caffeine rendered from green tea, it may attract people looking for these healthier substitutes for soda and energy supplement drinks, especially considering that many young people are more conscientious of their food choices. Something else to consider regarding health is the rate at which people smoke versus chewing gum. The Oklahoma State study found that despite the fact that more people chewed gum than did not, there as negative correlation between smoking levels and the amount of people who chew gum.

It goes on to say that the withdrawal cravings were lessened when someone quitting smoking also chewed gum. So potentially, caffeine gum may be something that people either turn to as they’re quitting or after they quit. The growth of this key demographic will be the result of several different variables. First, the amount of students enrolled in degree seeking programs is growing. From 2001 to 2011 enrollment has increased 32%. That means that on a 10 year average we have 3. 2% more potential buyers each year. Also smoking decreased from 2005 to 2012 by 2. % which, if the Oklahoma State Study is correct, more of those people will take up chewing gum as well. The last variable is the hardest to quantify but as the awareness of the product increases, so too should sales. Getting people to try the product is a big hurdle, but an advantage for this industry as a whole is the fact that so many people share a single piece of gum without thinking about it. To conclude, the industry has seen steady growth over the last 75 years. The per person consumption rate was 98 pieces in 1939, and today that trend is giving little indication of slowing.

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