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McDonald’s marketing plan is designed to complement the business plan, but is also a way for company officers to get a handle on the external and internal factors that will Influence the company’s success In the Manner market. This Is the first entry for Manner market. McDonald’s follows different Political and Legal factors such as environmental certification, Tax regulation, etc. With latest Technology for preparing Its products. They have continued to build on their success as a trusted global consumer brand and grow their business by creating outstanding restaurant experiences for their customers.

Opening a franchise company has its joys and perils. While the built-in brand recognition Is a big plus for a start-up, that brand has not reached the level of some of the largest fast food chains. The franchise brand may not provide the level of support expected from a larger franchise chain. With that said, the combined management experience, and synergy between the goals of the franchiser and the company’s goals will lead to the long-term success of our franchise. 2. 0 Situation Analysis McDonald’s has to get a chance for pioneer market player In Manner.

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To gain racket share in this current condition of Manner, McDonald’s must carefully target specific target segments with valued features and plan for a next generation product to keep brand momentum going. McDonald’s goes as Quick Service Restaurant that resides somewhere between a fast food restaurant FRR and a sit down restaurant. People adjust to paying a little more than they would for typical fast food. While the differentiation between Sir’s and the traditional fast food may be transparent to most consumers. 2. Market Summary McDonald’s market consists of consumers who prefer to eat fast food because of us life style. Specific segments being targeted during the first year Include tourists, downtown workers and students. Tourists make up the largest segment of our target market, at about 50% of the total market for the products. Fast Food consumers can choose many kinds of products around the range of Keats 3000. In addition, demographics have shifted in recent years from traditional household (two parents with children) to more non-traditional households; as a result, many adults feel they have less free time.

Consumers report that they are eating out more often In order to ere up time normally spent cooking and use that time to enjoy their families and to take advantage of other leisure activities. 2. 2 Market Need There is a need for a fast food restaurant that produces high quality, great flavored food at a low cost. And also there is the need for eating in a clean wholesome environment. As for cleanliness, we will expect the highest standards from both our employees and our location. The goal will be to ensure that tables are cleaned within three minutes of being left.

Floors will be cleaned daily and all kitchen supplies and countertops will be maintained to the highest standards. 2. Market Growth The enhancing disposable Incomes, large populations and favorable demographics of emerging markets like Manner, Thailand and China provide a unique opportunity for global fast food chains to expand. The number of McDonald’s franchised The SOOT analysis is available in the following subtopics. Strengths Strong brand name, customer intimacy, product innovation and supplier integration are the main strengths of McDonald’s. The supply chain has been well established by the franchiser, and it is in the interest of the franchiser to extend credit so that its franchisees may order supplies and continue to pay the quarterly ranches fee. Weaknesses Fast food is not suitable for health which doesn’t bring the best quality. – High employee benefits and salaries increase financial risk slightly. – Cash flow is limited to owner’s resources and potential bank loans in Manner. Opportunities Increasing popularity of restaurants that serve high-quality fast food. – Rapid growth in tourism.

Focusing on the prospect of MacAfee branching out to its own section with fancier snacks and drinks. Threats Increased competition (More Fast food restaurants are offering with some but not all of the features and benefits provided by the McDonald’s. Therefore, McDonald’s marketing must stress the clear differentiation and value-added pricing. ) -High price elasticity with income Loss of lease, or regulatory measures that limit the scope of building renovation. 2. 5 Competition The main competitors are the major national fast food restaurants.

J-Donuts, Season and Acacia are the competitors in Manner market. These restaurants open throughout the cities of Manner. They contribute to the growth in the market by advocating for healthy eating habits via online, TV, radio advertising and nationwide growth of the healthy food segment of the market. A new critical success factor may be emerging: the need to create a rich, satisfying experience for consumers. This brings McDonald’s to service and experience based competition which we can use for competitive advantage against these competitors.

McDonald’s has Wi-If enabled the out let to cater to the customers for this overall “Food, Fun and Folks” experience that customers pay a premium over the other competitors. 2. 6 Product Offering McDonald’s will serve main course burgers ( pork ,chicken, shrimp and cheese), fried chicken and spicy chicken wings, potato chips and a drink- overwhelmingly Coca-Cola ND also coffee drinks. Also rice patties made with Jasmine rice and there are three flavors of pie available: pineapple, corn and a limited-time special option.

These special pies often come in savory flavors such as Italian chicken, broccoli and cheese, spinach and fish. Chili sauce is available as a condiment along with ketchup. 2. 7 Key to Success McDonald’s put the fast in the first food. The keys to success are designing and production like drinks and smoothies. Another success lies with management’s ability to execute the marketing and business plans. If they neglect one or more aspect of each plan whether in the numbers, employee morale, cleaning and food standards or a commitment to customers, it will not last beyond a year. 2. Critical Issue – Establish an efficient supply chain and deploy stats of art technology changed Manner fast food industry and raised the standards of performance o international levels. – To provide all the necessary products from domestic to ensure this McDonald’s develop local business that can provide the product quality. – The restaurant will encourage the employees to think like owners and it will also reinvest refits for future growth. 3. 0 Marketing Strategy The marketing strategy will seek to first create customer awareness concerning the offered products and services and then develop the customer base.

Downtown workers, students, tourists and weekend shoppers will be targeted. Over 4. 3 million people live and work in Yang, we predict that at least 7% of those people will at some point shop in downtown Yang. 3. 1 Vision To be the world’s best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile. 3. 2 Mission Be the best employer for our people in each community around the world.

Deliver operational excellence to our customers in each of our restaurant- Achieve enduring profitable growth by expanding the brand and leveraging the strengths of the McDonald’s system through innovation and technology. 3. 3 Marketing Objectives – In first-year Objectives: To acquire 40% market share of Yang market through unit sales volume above 1 million per day. – To achieve break-even more than 10 outlets opened after five years period in Manner. To be perceived as the cleanest, most responsive Quick Service Restaurant (USSR) in Manner. . 4 Financial Objective – To increase profit margin by 5% per a year through efficiency and economy of scale gains. – To gain sales 5% per month the first year. 3. 5 Target Market McDonald’s target market is based on a positioning of product differentiation. Our primary consumer target is middle to upper income consumers who need hygienic, nutritious and fast food. Our secondary consumer target is students who are busy with their study. This segment can be described demographically by age 16-30.

The facilities like Wi-If are also provided to attract students to the outlets. 3. 6 Positioning Using product differentiation, we are positioning McDonald’s as the most convenient, value-added model for consumers. Our marketing will focus on the flavor, healthy alternatives to fast food as meal specials. In this regard, McDonald’s is like no other competitors. 3. 7 Strategies This strategy will play itself out through fast service, great food, great customer strategy won’t produce a lot of “noise” for customers and employees, and all goals will be met.

Advertising strategy will focus on special offers provided through various locations and businesses, and special offers targeted towards building a larger base of return customers. Employees are on the front lines every day, and the goal will be to instill a sense of simplicity and focus in their everyday actions. 3. 8 Marketing Mix APS that we will use in analyzing the marketing mix of McDonald’s: 1. Product- features, quality, quantity McDonald’s bring with a reputed brand, world class food quality and excellent customer specific product features.

There are many situations where McDonald’s adapted the product offer in international environments because of religious laws and customs in a country. For examples, India is the only country where McDonald’s serve vegetarian. Even the sauces and cheese used in India are 100% vegetarian. In Thailand and Manner, McDonald’s introduced the Pork Burger with sweet sauce. 2. Place- location, number outlets. McDonald’s offers hygienic environment, good ambiance, great service and a certain degree of fun that a customer feels each time they dine.

The outlets are very evenly spread throughout around the world making customers accessible. Drive in and drive through options make McDonald’s products further convenient to the consumers. 3. Price- strategy, determinants, levels. The customer’s perception of value is an important determinant of the price charged. McDonald’s has certain value pricing and bundling strategies such as happy meal, combo meal, family meal etc to increase overall sales volume. 4. Promotion- advertising, sales promotion, public relations. McDonald’s does its promotion through television, billboards, and online.

There are three main objectives of advertising for McDonald’s are to make people aware of an tem, feel positive about it and remember it. 5. People- quantity, quality, training, promotion. McDonald’s understands the value of both its employees and its customers. Before entering a country for the first time the human resource department has a list of important one. The employees in McDonald’s have a standard uniform and it focuses on friendly and prompt service to its customers. 3. 9 Marketing Research Using research, we will identify specific features and benefits our target market segments value.

Feedback from customers, employees and focus groups will help us evolve McDonald’s services and products. Finally, we will use customer satisfaction studies to gauge market reaction. 4. 0 Financial how these activities link to the marketing strategy. 4. 1 Break-Even Analysis Break-even Analysis Monthly Units Break-even 3334 number of products Monthly Revenue Break-even 10 Million Average Per-Unit Revenue Keats 3000 Average Per-unit Variable Cost Keats 1 500 Estimated Monthly Fixed Costs Million 4. 2 Product Life Cycle Introduction Growth Maturity Decline Marketing Objectives Create product awareness and trial Maximize market share

Maximize profit while defending market share Reduce expenditure and milk the brand Strategies Product burgers(pork ,chicken, shrimp, cheese), fried chicken, spicy chicken wings, potato chips, rice patties, pies and drinks Maximize Market Share Maximize profit while defending market share Phase out weak products Price Charge cost plus Price to penetrate market Price to match or best competitors Cut price Advertising Build product awareness by TV channels, Journals and billboards Build awareness and interest in the mass market Stress brand differences and benefits Reduced to bevel needed to retain hard-core locals Sales Promotion Use heavy sale promotion Reduce to take advantages of heavy consume demand Increase to encourage brand switching Reduce to minimal level Duration 1 year 2 year 4 year 7th year Owner, Financial planner, Sale executives, Human resources managers Owner, Operational manager, production manager, sale executives, customer relation management officer Owner, Financial controller, production managers, sale executive. 5. 0 Controls The control of McDonald’s marketing plan is to serve as a guide for the organization. The following factors will be monitored to gauge performance:- Revenue: monthly and annual Customer satisfaction Product development The control environment will be a result of monthly employee meetings during which we will discuss the current marketing activities, sales, promotional activities, and ideas that will lead to improvement.

Through these monthly meetings everyone should feel vested in the decision making process, and in the long-term success of the company. 5. 1 Implementation We are planning tight control measures to closely monitor quality and customer service satisfaction. Controlling standard of implementation and operation for service quality may be modified periodically. 5. 2 Marketing Organization In the first year of operation, we do not need organization chart. Owner is decision maker. Chief marketing officer holds overall responsibility for all the marketing activities. The company has planned for several undesirable scenarios, all of which are unlikely: Potential Prostitution The building doesn’t meet a city code, or needs more updating than was originally planned.

Work with contractors and city politicians to make appropriate changes. The unemployment level in Oregon continues to climb and people reduce the amount of money they spend on eating out. Solution: Change product position to “inexpensive alternative to dining out” or “reduce your food bill. ” The company loses the owner or manager to an accident or an executive recruiter. Purchased a “concessionary” insurance policy. The bank loan funding falls through. Other funding sources, including Venture Capitalists, have shown an interest in capitalizing the business. A similar outlet franchise opens in Yang area and pulls customers from us. More aggressive promotional campaigns.

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