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The present geographical dispersion of these two products Ore are from Indonesia and the Tang product is from Thailand. The Tang and Ore are supplied by the best available resources that the Kraft could gather with Its firm company that’s been proven through the years of expertise and experience of the worlds best food people. L. The Target Market Potential Market The potential markets for our products during our study are the people living wealth the area of South Mindanao and Its capableness to consume the product that’s been endorsed by the company that we have been studying.

The persons raging from age 2 to 80 years old, the people with the capacity to buy and consume the product. They are the ones using it and accepting the product. We focused our product in South Mindanao because It Is the only nearest place to us; It serves us a distributor here. People using this product are the people who love sweet and want an Instant food that they can enjoy. Available and Qualified Market Ages 5 and above who are able to handle money Wholesalers Retailers Some distributors Served Market Tang – People who are thirsty and wants some refreshing drink and that is much less expensive than the tetra pack drinks.

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Ore – People who loves chocolates cookies b. The Secondary Market. Tang and Ore are same products that are produced by Kraft Foods; secondary markets are supermarkets, sub distributor, wholesalers, retailers and department stores. The areas that we undertake to study are the areas within South Mindanao the people surrounding it, their income capacities and their cultures. Penetrated Market Places were product usually enters. Like for example, department stores, sari-sari stores, supermarkets and other market that can handle wholesaling.

The penetrated markets are all the areas in South Mindanao and are being distributed in all areas hat our study covers. The areas that we undertake to study are the areas within South Mindanao the people surrounding it, their income capacities and their cultures. II. Situation Analysis 1 . Industry Review The Tang and Ore this are the following, for the month of August we gathered the overall sales data for the two products. For the Tang we gathered 4,403 boxes for the area of South Mindanao for the market sale for the month of August.

For the Ore we acquired a data of 216 boxes for South Mindanao market sale for the month of august. From five to three years ago the company had a constant sales and growth. They had balance sales, but during the 1999 to present there was a decline. There was decline due to the Asian crisis making the company change its plans and its factory been transferred to Thailand. Due to the high wage rate in the Philippines, The Company also removes some of its employees. The company also changes its primary or sole distributorship in the Philippines. Transferring the distributorship from Quelling distributor to JDK PHIL.

Making a great change in the whole marketing plans. If the Asian crisis will continue the company will remain stagnant in its growth. The many will also expand try to expand its product lines to guarantee the customer satisfaction for the company and their products and also have to go on cost cutting plans. But if it should improve; the Philippine economy the company will gain its post making the lives of Filipinos better by giving them Jobs. 2. The Macro Environment Socio-cultural If there’s an increase of population there’s a big possibility of increase of potential consumers.

A lot of people will buy the product and consume it if population will increase. The product, since it is affordable all Filipino will be able to buy. For the Tang and Ore it target individuals where age ranging from 2 to 80. Everyone that has the capacity to think will whether male or female can buy the product Tang & Ore or doesn’t target specific gender. Technology Development For Tang, the technology advancement are, they have developed to incorporate in the powder instant drink calcium & vitamin C that is not commonly found in an ordinary juice drink.

The Tang was designed to be nutritious made possible to through the R of the company. It uses brochures, posters, TV, and RADIO to communicate as a form of letting the public know about the product. They also have develop plastic pack that is can be easily to opened, that is child-friendly, that is easy to open & easy to dispose. The advantages were not only applied to Tang Juice drink but also to the Ore cookies. Natural Environment Concerns Tang uses non-bio degradable foil packs that is harmful for our environment Ore uses non-biodegradable foil packs that are harmful for our environment.

But the boxes that are used in the packaging and recycled paper to be able to help the environment. Economic Environment For the economic aspect the external factor will be that the economy of the country ill arise due to high tax return from Kraft Philippines and increase its economic capabilities. For the internal, the company aspect it will help increase used to expand the company and to satisfy more customers. Also improving the lives of their employees. Competitive Environment encourages or help Tang in their current obstacle of marketing their product.

Like eight o’clock, Pompano and some of their competitors. Other competitor like Mill, nestle and other refreshing drinks that also has the same target market. Ore has also competitors, because we all known that cookies is the best snacks all ever the world, the Ore also has different competitor cookies, Hi-or & Apple Dapple, they also have the same market target as the products that we are studying. 3. Market Practices Distribution A comfortable and moist free warehouse with proper ventilation provides safety for the product. The product must maintain a proper temperature to avoid early or premature expiration.

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