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Galway is also known very well around the country and world to have a very good nightlife and with many people coming from around the country and not knowing exactly where the ideal place for hem to go we feel that this app could be a very good gulled for those people having enjoyable night. Our app if going to be put In use for the nightclubs of Galway to use so that on the night they will upload there stamp for the night so that their customers can get in at a cheaper price.

This will be provided on the app and then shown at the door to receive a cheaper price. From research we carried out the stamps that are giving on a night out cause problems as they leave a mark on people’s hands. From the research we found that people would be obliged to purchase the app instead of getting a stamp mark on their hands. This service is already provided by Pro’s on the top on Shop Street but we feel with the Introduction of this app It will save money for the nightclubs each night.

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Our app will also give the nightclub the opportunity to provide information to the customer on certain night if they should starting queuing early and also indicator weather the club is full on busy night such as rag week and night where there is big Do’s playing. “Stamp’s” is tapping Into the Galway nightlife market; we feel the market is growing as both colleges first year number are growing each year and with this we think that the use of this app ill grow from year to year.

With Galway five nightclubs and every night there’s different types of music played in each club this app will provide all the most Important Information for our target market so that they get there choice of club right on the night so they feel there best night will be had In. Our service will also be there for the nightclubs to promote there different drink offer on each night. PEST analysis Political- Our service will comply with all the regulation set out by government insuring that this app will be over ass’s only. We will look for as much detail needed to ensure this is the case.

Economical- We see as the nightlife culture in Galway is so big that our economic success will be easily achieved. As student life is usual on budget the need for this app will be great so that students will be able to attend the most suitable nightclub for them. Social- This is a major part of our service as it will it will become a very important app down the line when it is Introduce and is up and running efficiently. With the lifestyle of students we feel the use of this app will be great. Also with Ireland being one of the largest percentage to population users of marathoner the use of this app on a social scale will be greatly useful.

FIFO and with this the use of smartness will be necessary. Also the creating of the app will be needed to be done through software so that the app. This will be done by app developer professionals so that the app is created exactly the way we wanted, has the right amount of content, easily excused and also is easily used for someone is a slit bit intoxicated. Our analysis shows that the use of the P. E. S. T is very important and also critical to be used properly so that the best outcome and success for our reduce. We feel that is our duty to oblige by political regulations so that our app can be most successful as possible.

The need for social and technological are very important as these are the main factors that connect the app together and also the most critical types of analysis for the app to be successful. Market trends The nightclubs industry in Galway is growing and will never be in decline the reason for this is that Galway as a city has two main colleges which will never see numbers decrease that could affect population Galway greatly seek a downwards slope. Also tit the economy growing this will see that groups of people coming from around the country to Galway for a weekend stay or a mid-week getaway will show increase if anything.

For these reasons we can only see the use of this app being very useful. From the we research we carried out on both colleges GMT and INNING that this app would be very useful for students deciding what nightclub they will be attend on a night out. The majority of students said that at a price of в??1. 99 they would be willing to pay a one off payment if the app was update and properly with would be the case. This is also the case when we put the questions to the nightclub owners. They also felt that with a monthly subscription of a fair piece they would be willing to provide all there details.

This research shows that the trends in this market will be consistent and will always have a place in the market. The product life cycle of this product would be a slow starter but once brand awareness become known this service would take off and could be in the maturity stage for foreseeable future. An example of this already in Galway would be Hallo taxi app service. Competitor analysis After intensive research about the type of app we are creating we have found out that we are entering a niche market as no other app service as such has been developed.

We believe that we are the first mover into this market and with technology improving with every year we only see this as been the new way forward for advertising nightclubs and there offers. We as we are creating a service that is a first mover its mean we have no real competitors but as we are creating the as app for a number of nightclubs in Galway this is going to increase competition and with his better deals/offers/promotions will come because of each nightclub fighting it out to having the best crowd.

Soot analysis Strengths: best and easily found information about nightclubs and there offers in Galway. We offer great help to the nightclubs so that they can have advertising at a very cheap price. It also saves them money for them on employees such are PR people. It is available on all smartness so when people are planning on heading out they can just check there phones to see where would be the most suitable nightclub for them to go to. Weaknesses As we are first time mover this mean we are first to the market and could take time for the product to grow.

The price of the app maybe too high for college students to afford. Might not make enough capital gain on the start out as it’s a new to the market. Students only in colleges 9 months of the year. Opportunities The potential to expand into all the cities and town in Ireland. Of creating large markets share in the advertising and promoting of nightclubs. Also the opportunity of becoming an original product. Threats Competitors may take our idea and bring it to other city if not expand quickly enough. Nightclubs themselves creating their own app with all the same information in it.

Target market and market segmentation The main people “Stamp’s” will be targeting with this app are people who are going out socializing in Galway city. We will be focusing a lot on the college students as this will take a big size of our customer audience. The way we are going to target these students is by advertising in the two main colleges and also going to the other small colleges around the city. With “Stamp’s” being an app it narrows our target market down to certain types of people with smartness. Although this is the case our market size is still very big as the amount of smartened users in Ireland is quite high.

We feel that targeting students in the college is probably the most suitable place for “Stamp’s” as with over 25,000 students in Galway we feel that there is a big opportunity for our service to grow. Also we would target to advertise on local radio stations as his would get the word out to the 26+ age category. We will be advertising on local radio station this will also show our target market to be broad target audience. This will target people who are coming into Galway or a weekend and oughtn’t exactly where to go for the night.

Market plan “Stamp’s” when it is up and running properly will be the only app that nightclubs can provide information for people who are planning going out. It will provide all the most important details and also provide a stamp on the phone so that they can get in at a cheaper price. “Stamp’s” will update on a regular basis so that all the information will be fresh. We will also be setting on social media pages on Backbone, twitter and Mainstream. This will provide free advertising and will be broadcasted all over Ireland through this websites.

Another way off free advertising is through the nightclubs in Galway social media pages. We have asked them to advertise our new app and they approved of it with this our app will reach a big audience as between the all five nightclubs (Carbon, Electric, karma, Hallo and 44) together they have 100,000 likes on Backbone and many more on twitter and Mainstream. We feel that “Stamp’s” will grow into other cities around the country Job opportunities will be making of the app and carry out all the technological issue with the app. Market Size Globally, smartened ownership has almost doubled in one year from 35% in 2012 to 0% in 2013.

In Ireland, we can see an increase in smartened ownership from 49% to 60% from March 2014 to September 2014. In the same period we can see that tablet ownership has doubled from 18% to 36%. By the end of 2014, 80% of the Irish population expect to own a smartened, while 41% expect to own a tablet. That is at its highest point ever and is expected to rise. Smartened ownership in the past has been biased towards the younger age groups, but with the increasing penetration in the market, this is clearly changing. Our potential market is people who go to nightclubs regularly and that own a smartened.

We estimate that half of smartened users in Ireland over the next year will install our app. The amount of smartened users will rise, and people who want to save money when paying for entry to a nightclub will use “Stamp’s”. These are the main reasons why this service business is going to grow. Products in the market Others have tried to launch APS similar to ours but have failed before it reached the marketplace. We know this from our extensive market research. We are confident that “Stamp’s” will fit into the market very well, especially among students, and we will be targeting and advertising in all colleges.

The main marketing characteristics of our app are to offer the highest level of Digital acumen and content strategy. We also provide reliability, consistency and dependability, and the highest level of ethics and integrity. Market Consumer The target market that we will be aiming for at first will be made up mainly of students from GMT and INNING. “Stamp’s” will offer them the opportunity to be having cheaper entry into their chosen nightclub and to be on the guest list. They will also be able to find out if the nightclub is full before they arrive, to avoid the disappointment of being refused entry after queuing up.

The app will also benefit more people other than students, but those people wouldn’t be as concerned with saving money on paying entry as students are the ones with very little money. The people who buy “Stamp’s” and that don’t want it for saving money will buy it to be able to get on the guest list for the nightclub and to check if the nightclub is full or not. “Stamp’s” will increase the level of value and satisfaction customers are getting on nightclub entry prices, as they will know that once they have the app installed, they will not have to pay the full entry price.

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