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Madonna has used throughout her developing career Is the ‘Focus Differentiation Strategy. This type of competitive strategy can be defined as a strategy which Is used by businesses to produce differentiated goods and services to a small number of target market segments. According to the case study, Madonna’s unique clothing style gained the attention of well-know department store, Macy’s which, through the production of Madonna ‘look-alike’ clothing increased the popularity of the singer.

Where as her different approach of empowering woman and making them feel more important and stronger through appearing as a strongly handled woman herself and her sudden change in image through becoming an author of children’s books can be identified as a few examples of how the Focus Differentiation Strategy has provided Madonna with ways of meeting with the new rising ideas and tastes of her fan base and other music listeners around the globe. Madonna started off with a ‘poppy style where she chose young Wannabe girls’ as ere target.

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Through her hits which were released in 1983 such as ‘Holiday and ‘Lucky Star’ the image she depicted had drawn the attention of the Us-based department store, Macy’s. The department store, noticing the different images Madonna used, began producing clothes similar to Madonna’s selection of outfits. This eventually boosted up the demand for store’s clothes as well as the image of Madonna since young fan girls wanted to buy them and their mothers happily purchased these clothes for their young girls.

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