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Parents, adults and kids definitely will have ample amount of conversation, interaction and connections through LOGOS website. They can follow trends and find product reviews and other useful Information through Latest News, LOGO Club and Inside Tour. They can also comment on what’s hot or new and write reviews about products through their Recommendations Corner and Message Boards. LOGOS website is fully engaged with its audience (both adults children), and Inspires them to greater eights of entertainment, artistry, knowledge and to advocate on the company’s behalf.

Overall, LOGOS online website marketing is about making emotional connections through positive customer experiences, quality products, exceptional service and engaging conversations. Their vision of inventing the future of play is what drives them to Inspire and develop children to think creatively and realize human possibility. (2) Who is LOGOS primary and secondary target(s) The company’s primary targets are kids between the ages of 6 and 12.

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Secondary optimal targets re individuals with creative, fun and imaginary personalities individuals with enough money to afford the product and Individuals who are interested In challenging endeavors and learning new products. (3) Market segmentation The company divides the heterogeneous markets into smaller segments that can be reached more effectively and efficiently through demographic and cryptographic segmentation. Its lead users are boys and girls In the ages of 6 to 12, mostly from middle to upper middle class sectors of society.

Likewise, they offer their products to hose who are visionary, creative, and have a penchant for fun/challenged learning. Sectors of society that are mainly included in the segmentation are the connected community, families with appropriate age-target audience, active households and Generation Z. (4) In what ways has the company’s marketing approach helped LOGO to position itself in the toy market Product Good Compatibility, Durable Sturdy, Focus is Project-oriented, Multiple Products to Build Design Price A little expensive but well-worth for the value. Likewise, repeat customers get discounted rates.

Place Available In all toy stores nationwide and worldwide, as well as In online websites. Promotion Packaged Artistically, LOGO land in San Diego, CA, Internet Advertising, Free Magazine Subscription, Word-of-Mouth,Joint venture with Star Wars Indiana lone themed games. In 2014, Warner Brose and The Logo Group released The LOGO Movie, a computer-animated adventure comedy film telling the story of an ordinary Logo mint-figure prophesied to save the world. It received one of the highest recorded openings for an original animated movie and the Los Angels Times noted 1 OFF

MATTER – Hasher – Switching to Virtual Games (Play Station, X-Box, WI) These other toy-making competitors are all emerging external factors that challenges LOGOS performance and considered to be a threat to the company’s growth and survivability. LOGO should continue to adapt to the changing environment and strive to produce quality/sustainable products, provide exceptional service and develop emotional connections with their constituents in order to identify/minimize the threats from its competitors. 6) How would the strategy that you have chosen help this company to et strong competitive challenges from other toy makers Would you include ethical and social responsibility as part of your marketing strategy To make a positive impact in line with LOGOS Planet Promise, the company have set tangible targets to ensure it manages the direction and reach the goals each year, as well as their strategic goals and challenges for 201 5 and beyond.

LOGOS overall strategic goals are the following – Zero product recalls – always – Top 10 on employee safety by 2015 – Support learning for 100 million children by 2015 – 100 percent renewable energy in 020 – Zero waste as an aspiration target Only the best is good enough is a core principle which has guided the history of the LOGO Group and which they apply in all areas of their business.

True to their motto, they also intend to demonstrate this commitment in the area of responsibility and sustainability, recognizing that they have a strong impact on social and environmental issues. (7) Describe your marketing strategy analysis by using a detailed SOOT analysis.

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