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Media plays an important role in this particular information times because most of information is transmitted by media and then spread out. Furthermore, advertising is used to support media and according their different qualities, advertisements can be divided into three main categories: commercial advertisements, commonweal advertisements and political advertisements. Advertisements in the first category are commercial advertisements which are commonest and broadest. Commercial advertisements aim at a wide range of consumers in the purpose of selling the products and service to consumers.

The significant feature of this type of advertisements is to try to persuade consumers to purchase products and service. Therefore, the advertisers try their best to make their commodities look more attractive and alluring. As a result, in some degree there may be some distortion and exaggeration which are called puffers. In commercial advertisements, advertisers usually place emphasis on the products and service. Mouthpieces such as famous movie stars, singers as well as sports stars appear in this sort of advertisements in order to facilitate sale.

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This strategy is for improving the persuasion of the advertisements. So to get more economic benefits is the prime purpose of ads in this category. Without doubt, the series ads of Coca Cola are classic example of commercial advertisements. On the contrary, commonweal advertisements are not for profits and this type of advertisements has no commercial qualities. These advertisements are usually advertised by governments or social organizations. The audiences of this kind of advertisements are at all levels, from children in kindergartens to senior citizens over 80.

These advertisements aim at improving the ethos of the society. For instance, this kind of ads teaches children to tell right from wrong, to help teenagers develop a correct value of life and world, to encourage young couples to have children and to change some of the elder’s old-fashioned thoughts and make them catch up with the steps of the times. Advertisements in this category are usually performed in the form of small plays, moving or interesting, followed by slogans.

In addition, this kind of advertisements usually accompany with certain campaign. For example, the government launches a campaign Of building gracious society, therefore, it advertise some ads of ungracious behaviors to remind people to avoid them. At last, the government puts up a slogan of manners makes man in the purpose of arousing people to behave politely and improve the courteous ethos of the whole society. Other type of advertisements is special for its limitation of regions.

This sort of advertisements can be seen in some western countries where several parties take turns to control the government. This kind of ads is called political advertisement because it is usually related to politics. The purpose of lattice advertisements is obvious and direct, which is to express the orientation of policies, the personalities and abilities of the leaders, as well as the advantages of trusting and choosing the advertisers, therefore the final aim is to persuade people to vote for the advertisers and help themselves take the right of governing.

It is a means of winning the competition and election. You can see in the election of president of USA competed by Bush and Gore, along all the streets are full of posters oftenest two candidates, televisions frequently broadcast the speeches of the two candidates in the repose of improving reputation of the candidates and winning more ballot . These are political advertisements. They focus On politics and authorities.

Different types of advertisements have different audiences, purposes and ways of performing. A certain type serves and satisfies a certain group of people. All these three kinds of advertisements make up of strong and concrete support of media. People can obtain information in this way easily and with the globalization, more and more advertisements will come to the stage and jump into people’s sight. This can facilitate communication and the oral will be getting smaller and smaller.

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