Kids Advertising Assignment

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The updating they gave were of immense help. Today’s youngsters have profound influence over purchases in all kinds of product categories. They are the centre of the aspirations of the family. And parents today are much more eager to please them and to invest in them than ever before.. Kids are bombarded with advertisements from every possible source: billboards, posters, clothes sporting characters or brand- name labels, TV commercials, websites and radio blurbs.

Often, even though ids don’t have their own income yet, this advertising is aimed directly at them. Thus, this project is apt and in sync with the time. This is an effort to show case that the children of today were different from that of yesteryear. They want to be more in control, more informed and more ready to explore and this was seen in their willingness to explore unconventional career options like sports, acting and flying. The key consumer insight was that children nowadays want to enjoy life and have a sense of achievement at the same time.

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When it us an age to dance in the rain. To chase a butterfly in a field of daisies. Etc out ones tiny arms to touch the golden sun….. Today’s dew-fresh sigh olds have suddenly grown up big enough to help their parents decide which brand to chose, which color to select and which model to buy. Recent years our little ones with stars in their eyes are not only helping: selecting breakfast cereals, soft drinks and snacks but are also influence n the purchase of serious items like music systems, cell phones, peers computers and automobiles.

Thus, in the present era, the children ha emerged as potent prescription of the purchase of a large variety of p and services and happen to constitute a powerful segment in the mar Gone are those days when parents used to pay no heed to their kids’ decisions and were accustomed to consulting them only while buying products meant for them alone. Today’s youngsters have profound in over purchases in all kinds of product categories.

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