Just Another Form of Propaganda Assignment

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People view advertising as calling attention to one’s product, service, or need. It is often seen in the form of newspapers, magazines, over the radio, television, and billboards. Companies use it to influence consumers to buy products or services that they may want or need.

Although companies’ idea behind advertisement Is to promote a product or service through fostering free trade and promoting prosperity, advertising is a form of orphanage for the most part. Some may believe that advertising adopts free trade and affiance. Advertising promotes Its products through many forms of publications. They’re used to get people to buy different products. Companies become affluent due to these forms of advertising and its consumers. The American Red Cross poster is a form of advertisement in which promotes free trade and affluence.

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It encourages people to give blood because they want to be able to help other people by allowing someone else to utilize their blood for something unexpected. However, It Is also a form of orphanage. Propaganda is a form of advertising that is biased or promotes a certain point of view. The Red Cross poster is a form of propaganda because it uses diction In a way that only promotes the giving of blood, however It doesn’t show what could be wrong with that. It Isn’t a simple action people can take to help prepare others for the unexpected.

There are side effects to having blood drawn, yet this isn’t written on the poster. This form of propaganda is bad for communities because it doesn’t show insight on the bad aspects. It Just says that It’s good because it can save lives and hat’s the only reason they give. Most forms of advertisements are forms of propaganda. Companies use pathos to show that everyone uses their product or to show that it is beneficial to their everyday lives. Cigarette companies often advertise by showing that everyone uses their product. Cigarette advertisers became adept at targeting every conceivable consumer niche and developing an Impressive array of advertising and promotional tools to reach them… It promoted the continued social acceptability of smoking and encouraged the incorrect belief that the majority of people smoke” (Shaw). Companies show that people use their product every day and this Is a blast that Is created because It Isn’t true. It Is geared towards certain groups of people.

It Is geared to every different group of people and this sells the product to everyone while 1 OFF still serving as propaganda. Even tong Its Neal Issues are expressed, people are still geared towards using it because the advertisements show that everyone uses the product. Advertisement is often seen as a form of voice. It is a way that companies express why consumers need to have their product or service. They use that voice to let nonusers hear the message and it makes people want to buy the product.

Advertising works in such a way that people don’t understand. Advertisements work on a subconscious level so that people don’t even know its working. “A logical conclusion is that advertising works below the level of conscious awareness and it works even on those who claim immunity to its message. Ads are designed to have an effect while being laughed at, belittled, and all but ignored” (Shrank). People view advertisements and don’t even notice that they are being influenced by them every day. It effects people’s everyday lives and people aren’t even aware of it.

Advertisements can usually be used for positive or negative aspects, but nevertheless, they have an effect on people usually in favor of what the company wants. Both arguments that are made about advertising and its effects are true. However, it isn’t seen that it holds a bad aspect to it. It is effective in the sense that advertising effects society Just as well as a speech does. Advertising may be seen by many as a good thing because it promotes trade and affluence, however those people are Just being controlled by the reins of the true meaning of advertising: propaganda.

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