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Marketing is creating goods and services along with communicating and delivering to consumers. In order to deliver to the consumers their needs and wants must be determined. Human needs are food, clothing and shelter. A want Is something the consumers choose to have such as a certain brand of soap which Is a choice for the consumer. To determine the needs and wants a strategy must be In place on how to communicate the product or service to the target customer.

Strategy is the path an organization will carry out to achieve its goals to reach consumers Bethel university, 2011). For example, a product that one needs should be marketed to reach its target audience. A product that needs to be marketed is soap for people with dry skin. In order for this product to be known to the public the four tools must be developed. The four tools consist of the product, price, promotion and place. The product should have all natural ingredients and be reasonably priced. Consulting with dermatologist doctors about what their patients request and needs are.

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Also advertising from elevation to billboards and Internet to let the consumers know that there Is a product available that Is non prescription. Also Included In this advertising Is where the product can be bought. The soap product will be a success as long as the consumer’s needs are extensively researched which is done to satisfy consumer needs (Bethel University, 2011 Most people want things to satisfy a need. For example, a hand held braider. The braider will braid your hair in an hour instead of sitting for five to six hours.

The hand held braider will target Africa American women. It will be marketed to salon professionals and non professional. The braider will be advertised in salons, beauty supply stores, billboards and internet. The product will be marketed by the four as which are product need, price, promotion and place (Bethel University, 2011). The braider goal Is to have less time getting your hair braided. This goal will be obtained by having a strategy In place to reach Its goal of high sales and satisfied customers.

The strategy will be to assure the braiding tool last Is durable and can be used by anyone wanting to satisfy the need and want of braided hair. The product is needed because a lot of people complain about the sitting time to get hair braided. They love getting their hair braided but are tired of sitting so long and the high prices. The braiding tool will cut time and save money when getting the braid hair style. The marketing effort would be ethical. When marketing a product there is social responsibility.

The responsibility of marketing is giving the correct information about the product and services. The consumer needs should be satisfied which is call the societal marketing concept which is good ethics (Bethel university, 2011). The product most needed and wanted Is a facial cleanser for oily skin. The consumers that most need this product are people with Oily skin and acne. These individuals will most likely visit a dermatologist on a regular basis. Other will be Identified by casual preservation of the subject of Oily skin. Bethel University. (2011). Issues in marketing. McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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