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At the invitation of leaders of Heathery, a city about three hundred miles to the North, Muhammad (buy) and his finally migrated away from Mecca in 622 C. E. 5. Mosque: (massed) where many early rules about worship and social regulation were worked out. Also where Muslims go to pray. 6. Islam: literally means “surrender’ or “submission,” indicating wholehearted surrender to God, and a Muslim is one who submits to God (Allah). 7. Muezzin: a chanter who announces that Allah is great, greater than anything else and calls people to prayer several times a day. . Minaret: the top of a tower that is used to call people for prayer by a muezzin. 9. Miramar: a special arched niche used to indicate the direction of prayer in a mosque. 10. Ramadan: period of shared fasting that unites Muslims; the night month f the Muslim calendar, is the time during which Muhammad (buy) first received his revelations. 1 1. Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca, which Muhammad (buy) took to visit the mysterious black meteorite. 12.

Day of sacrifice; Pilgrims return to Mina, where they throw seven small stones at three pillars, a ritual that recalls how Abraham responded to a temptation when a demon tempted him to disobey God’s command to sacrifice his son, Abraham threw stones at the demon and drove it away. 13. Shiites: derive their name from the word Shih, which means “faction”- namely, the group who followed Ail, the son-in-law and cousin of Muhammad buy). 14. Imams: twelve successors of the Light of Muhammad (buy). 15.

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Sunnis: (traditional, example)/the other great division of Islam, takes its name from the word sauna. It refers to the entire body of traditional teachings that are based on the life and teachings of Muhammad (buy), as given in the Curran and the authoritative widths. 16. Suffix: is the name Of an Old and widespread devotional movement-or group of movements- in Islam. 17. Fan: (extinction) the sense of loss of self that occurs in mystical experience: when the self is gone, all that remains is God. 18.

Thick: deep regular breathing during meditation and the repetition of the 99 names of Allah sometimes counted on a rosary, to enable a constant remembrance of God. 19. Shari: Islamic law is the entire body of laws that guides the believer in this life. 20. Sure: a chapter of the Curran.

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