Is love better conveyed through tragedy or comedy? Assignment

Is love better conveyed through tragedy or comedy? Assignment Words: 992

Agate Danger B Is love better conveyed through tragedy or comedy? To start off, I would like to analyze the words comedy and tragedy. In drama, tragedy is a form in which the characters are impelled to an unhappy outcome by forces or flaws beyond their control. Nowadays, tragedy describes extreme misfortunes, such as great personal loss or a calamity involving widespread suffering. A comedy on the other hand can be full of surprises or foolish situations that we don’t expect and it almost always has a happy ending. The word comedy can also be used to describe an occurrence that was funny or ridicule.

Love is a very common theme nowadays, but as well as in the olden days. We find this theme in theatre pieces, books, movies, musicals etc. Love has its good sides but also it’s bad ones. When one is in love, the time they spend with this special person is baffling. There are unforgettable moments spent with one another, many in fact. These blissful moments spent together are allowed by taking the time to be with our loved one and treasure it. It takes very little to make a couple happy. The roses, the poems, the gifts and everything seem to be covered in pure happiness and romance.

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But these people are completely unaware, blinded but what is to come. Happiness doesn’t last forever; it always comes to an end. That moment of end may not be close, but it is bare to come and when it does you are powerless. Movies that tell a love story for instance, they have a tendency to end well. They may end well on that scene. But there will always be a tragic ending to one’s love story. This tragic event could be due to a separation, a sickness, and the death of one. It is nature taking its course and no one or anything can stop it. A story could end well after the victory of numerous obstacles.

Philip Hormones Cauldron reflects an impeccable example of an obstacle that prevents the love between two people in the painting of Juliet. The painting of Juliet sitting on a balcony, at night, is full of emotions and could imply many things. Her thoughtful look staring into the night sky leaves the spectators curious of what she is thinking about. She looks worried and bewildered of what is to happen next. We could suppose that she is worried about the love that can never be between Romeo and her because of the family’s opposition. This is an example of an obstacle.

Being separated of a loved one can dead to many things. Love has no limits. Helplessness face to these horrifying circumstances could push one to an alarming action such as suicide. In “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, at the end of the play Juliet is in her family’s tomb, unfortunately, Romeo doesn’t receive the Friar’s message about how Juliet is not truly dead, so he assumes she is really deceased. Romeo goes to buy some poison, and goes to the tomb so that he can see Juliet one last time. Romeo drinks the poison, and then Juliet wakes up, only to see her beloved one lying dead on the ground.

She Arabs Romeos dagger and stabs herself. Both of these characters could not stand living without their loved one. They decide to kill themselves to be able to find one another in a second world or to not be tortured to live without them. It is easier to convey love through tragedy in a play or other (music, movie, painting) because it’s more accessible, closer to reality. For example, in the painting “The Kiss” by Francesco Hayes, a document of my choice, the kiss is extremely passionate. This represented kiss is very dramatic because of the grip of the women’s hand onto the man’s shoulder.

It is implied in this painting that these two lovers have been separated for an enduring period. It could be because of war or a Journey. This is an expressive scene. It cannot be identified, as a comedy for there is no amusement that emerges from the painting. This painting can give a clear demonstration of the two different sides of love. The sunlight reflects the face of the young lady, allowing it to shines, showing her innocence and purity. Despite this example, there is one play, that I am aware of, that has managed to represent love through comedy; “The Taming of the Shrew”.

Although, in this type of play it doesn’t seem like love is a serious theme or something passionate or dramatic. It seems like love is Just trying to be found for a woman so that her sister can finally find someone of her own. It is not the real love, we know now but it is a comedy and the theme of love is included in it. Patriotic is trying to “tame” Staring into a more feminine and suitable wife. Along the story, there is a tense but humorous relationship that is created between the two. To conclude this presentation, I would like to say that I think that love is easier and utter conveyed through tragedy.

It is something beautiful, and when it is conveyed through comedy, we do not see the beautiful side of love. Through tragedy, the different sides of love are clearly identifies and emphasized to make something amazing. Love is something that always comes to an end no matter how you despise it and you are powerless face to this. The drama in love is accentuated through tragic events that can help emerge what one is capable to do for another. It is easier to see the truth in people through a harsh event than an amusing one.

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