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Our thanks goes to the team members whose unflagging capacity for creative work and long hours made the project successful – under the pressure of deadlines, and many other obstacles. And thanks to those who have helped us to prepare our survey with various advises and information. We would like to thank the honorable authors of the book “Principles of Marketing’- A South Asian Perspective, written by Philip Kettle & Gray Armstrong, P. Y. Agnostic and Sane LU Huge because we have taken a lot of information from his book. SST September, 2014 TO Mr.. Sacker Raffia Aimed Rattan Assistant Professor, School of Business & Economics, United International University, Dacha Subject: Submission of Introduction to Marketing (MAKE 23120 business plan. Dear Sir, We are pleased to submit the report on “A Business plan on Cafeteria” which has assigned to us by you as a part of “Principles of Marketing”. We have take at most care to present this report and this report has been excellent outlet for combining theoretical and practical aspect.

We have visited some cafeteria shops and tried to observe their business and marketing policies so that we can get a clear idea how to differentiate our shop among all others Since this report is our first endeavor on this topic, despite of our best effort there may be lacking a fault, and we are absolutely ready to accept any suggestion at an aspect of this report. We have a great interest on this report and we will be highly motivated if this report meets your desired expectation. And we are always being ready to reply all enquiries that you may have regarding this report.

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However, in our country, excessive eating of unhealthy and unhygienic fast foods are causing lots of problems in humans. The most important problem that humans are facing is “fat”. Bangladesh has very less no. Of fast food shops that are echo-friendly and serves hygienic and green foods. So, in that context, we would like to start a fast food business that would target the young groups and couples to provide both tasty food and also healthy and hygienic food. Our shop will be located in at Diamonds, Dacha. It will be apron. 1500 sq. Feet in a newly instructed market. The interior design would be extremely attractive with Terracotta designs.

Some tables would be reserved for the couples and decorated with all required thing using Red color as a token of love. We have named our business as “Cafe?? Opera”(The musical touch)”. This is name has been given because our prime target group of customers are young couples and old aged group who loves music. So, in that perspective this name should look more dashing and attractive to them. And thus this name has been used. We have analyzed that this business would require apron. TX. 45 Lack to start. We have determined our breakable point within three year and calculated in which year We will have profits in our hand.

According to our projection, We can double our revenue within five years and also have a plan to open other branches in different locations. We have reviewed our SOOT analysis so that we can define and perform our business keeping in mind in every strengths, weakness, opportunities & threats. Our proposals are created in a very good care that creates the opportunities for investors who seeks new innovative business ideas and plans. Our prime objective is to provide tasty, healthy and reentry hygienic food that would that would reduce the heart diseases and also problems of fat. 2. Business Summary Business Information Business Name: Cafe?? Opera Business Location: Diamonds, Dacha Contacts: +88-01912172462, +8801763734210 Owners: Mood Tarter Ashram, Gunman Dakar, Diana, Sadie Address: In a newly constructed market located in diamonds(not yet finalized) 2. 1 Business Objectives The primary objectives of the business plan for “Cafe?? Opera” are below: To provide tasty, healthy and greenery hygienic food to all consumers. To increase the revenue to double with next five year. To make the our shop as the most popular choice within next three years Mission Statement To serve quality food with green touch.

Business Structure Partnership Business 2. 2 Our Operational Activities We will start our business with one shop at diamonds, Dacha. As we grow success in OUr business, we will establish new branches in different location of Dacha and also outside Dacha. At Cafe?? Opera, we would try to include all sorts of fast food that a consumer has a choice and increase more as we progress. Traditional pith’s, Berger, Sandwich, Fried Chicken, different flavors f fried rice & curries, various Thai Soups, Salad items, Kebabs’, Milk shake and coffees will be available in our product line.

Our products will be made using cholesterol less oil to keep our consumers safe from heart diseases. Most of our foods will contain special salad and green vegetables to keep our consumers with green touch. This food will help reduce or control fat and maintain healthy and happy life. Our financial support will be maintained both by us and from investors or borrowers. We have a wish to make this business in corporate environment if it turns well. As our initial investment would be TX. 3 million, we hope we can cover all sorts of expenses and start with such amount.

However, if we need more financial help, we would grant more investors and release shares based on their investment amount. 2. 3 The market we will serve Our food products are not so differentiated and it is almost available in other cafeteria and restaurants. However, we would like to differentiate our products based on quality and service. We are adding traditional pith’s into our product line to make our shop different to others. We believe, Pith IS our ultra food product and that should be available so that we don’t move away from our culture as we cope with western culture.

Our business has a specific goal and we are confident to achieve to our goal by providing quality foods along with a green touch. In the market, Italian, Indian, American foods are highly demanded. On that perspective, we will have to compete with many competitors as fast food market are enlarged and a growing sector in Bangladesh. Since, fast foods are mostly eaten by young groups, couples, old aged groups and officials; we will focus on them extensively so that they get laity and healthy food at a low cost than any other competitors. But among the fast food industry, there is also a gap to pull through.

We must try to attract the consumers those leave fast food for high fat and cholesterol problems. Our concern will be serving food along with special salads and green vegetables so that it helps reduce the fat and cholesterol problems. 2. 4 The Fast Food Industry Fast food and restaurant industry is a very competitive area in the perspective of Bangladesh. However, we are adding our traditional pith’s in a modernized way into our product line. So, we think we can match up both our traditional and foreign culture together according to consumers need.

Since, we are adding pith’s in our product line, we are aware of the fact that there is not much big competitors who has pith’s into their product line. So, in that context, we believe that we can create a difference among other restaurants and take an extensive market share within three years. 2. 5 Corporate Social Responsibility (CARS) Business running alone will not make a good name in the society. We believe we are doing business in a society where we live and survive. People of our society are our consumers and if they do not consume our food, we cannot have business. So, we have a huge responsibility towards our society.

In that context we have decided to create employment for university students as part-time basis so that the student gets a chance to gather some pocket expenses. We will also share a 2% of profit to provide education to street chi lilied. 3. 0 Market Situation Analysis Every business has its own features on which the chances to be successful depends. For measuring the potentiality and the risk of a new business we need to make a proper use of SOOT analysis test. By this test we can evaluate the strength, weakness, opportunities and threat. Strength To serve healthy and green hygienic food to consumers.

To add traditional food with western food. To give a musical flavor with our food. To serve foods at an affordable cost in comparison to our competitors. To provide comfortable echo-friendly and environment friendly atmosphere in our cafe??. To serve consumer with proper hospitality. Weakness Fast food is very common food products in our country. Using cholesterol free oil will increase the cost of food Huge numbers of competitors are available. Traditional foods are seasonal and resources are not always available in the cities as it is mostly available in rural areas.

Investment capital is limited. Opportunities Traditional food will be a prime attraction to consumers as it is not always available. Fast food is an emerging business sector in Bangladesh to earn huge profit. Consumers are more health conscious and thus creating opportunities for providing healthy green foods. The retreats Many competitors are present in this sector and many more to join. Lack of availability of natural resources. Cost of raw materials and natural resources are increasing day by day. Service and maintenance cost rises surprisingly that may increase the cost of our food.

As some of our ingredients are natural we have to depend on rural areas. Because those ingredients are not available in urban area. So for the availability of the ingredients we must have a strong and skilled line of suppliers. Those products are highly perishable. So transportation facilities and timely distribution of those items should be ensured. That’s why skilled suppliers are needed. We have arranged some people fixed who have contracts with us to supply our materials. 4. 3 Human Resource: As we can’t imagine a business without materials or inventories, we can’t imagine it without human resource.

So we also made our human resource department to find out some right persons for our business. 1. Cook: We will find out some cooks through maybe some local competition or cook hunt. But we must employ creative and innovative cooks. 2. Waiter: We have to employ waiters and waitresses for our restaurant service. We will hire university student and give opportunity for per time job. Of music. 3. Musician: We will employ skilled musician who can play any types 4. Cleaner: We will hire some cleaners for cleaning purpose. 4. 4 Marketing & Promotion: Marketing and promotion department is a vital part of any business organization.

We will have some followings programs to promote our service. 1. Media Coverage: We will cover Medias like newspapers, TV’ Medias, and radio Medias to advertise ourselves. 2. Poster: Poster works will be limited but it will also work as our advertisement in some special events. Like in some special events we will make posters. 3. Health Conscious Advertisement: We will promote our products as those are healthier & green hygienic than any other fast foods. 4. SMS Service: We will advertise our business through promotional SMS y collaborating with the mobile operator.

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