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In order to grasp the opportunities in the growth of aging population ND the increasing numbers of people who eat out, we are going to develop marketing mix strategies and the corresponding action plan and control. Product Strategy Modify Core benefit and the product feature into more healthy style In order to keep abreast with the society flooding with healthy message, we could like to enhance our product features of healthy style. We would Like to create a new product line having at least 5 products. It will use tempura vegetable as a theme to produce Ramee. Also, we would Like to shorten the length of Ramee for making It easier to eat.

This Is especially good for upper age group and people having some difficulties In chewing and swallowing. Furthermore, we would like to offer different concentration of soup to customers for satisfying their flavors. The levels of concentration will be divided into low, middle and high respectively for our entire product. As a result, people purchasing our company is not only buying our food product but also buying a healthy lifestyle for joyfully and socialized life. Increase Product mix depth As our company has relatively low product mix depth, we would like to increase it regressively.

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Now, we would like to add more different versions on popular product through providing deferent flavors based on Jansen Ramee (a food product) using pig bone soup. The diversification includes Nor, Potato and Tomato taste to customers. It attracts customers favoring with different tastes. Logo We have already established a logo for our company. However, as our society has changed into focusing on health and uniqueness, we need to modify our logo. Targeting to current macro-environmental factors, we would like to establish new logo for health food products category.

For health, we can use hiking image for displacing active while the image of emperor and empress having unique characteristic can be used for representing noble. Through modifying our logo, our brand image will become closer to the current macro-environmental factors. Absolutely, the representative of our logo still is small Jansen (JP). The products that will be labeled with new logo Ramee Appetizer Set Meal Tender Rib Ramee Crab meat and Crab Rose Salad Fried Beef and assorted Fungi Rice served In Hot Stone Pot Assorted vegetable Ramee Crab Meat w/sweet com Salad

Intensive training The quality of service is one of the elements to determine whether we can build a good relationship with customers. Therefore, we would like to provide training to our staff in every three month. The theme of training is to teach them how to speak politely, in an attractive tone and in appropriate speed. These three elements help to deliver core information to customer clearly, which is particularly useful in serving upper age group having hearing problems. Pricing strategy The principle of our pricing strategies is Cost-based pricing.

Food is the basic hysterical need of human and cost-based pricing helps on building a relationship to customer quickly. With more added values, such as health, it can attract customers and maintains a stable relationship with them effectively. Segmented pricing- Customer segment pricing Different classes of customer have different abilities and degrees of contribution to society. In order to price them fairly, we would like to set different prices for different types of customers.

We will divide customers into three groups, which are students, elderly and normal group (remaining segment) respectively. As students do not have ability of earn money or only have ability to earn little money, we would like to offer 10% discount to them Justified by student card. Elderly are highly contributed to our society when they were young. In order to reward them, we also offer them with 10% discount Justified by Senior Citizen Card. Normal group has abilities to learn money and maintain their life. Therefore, we will price them with normal price.

Product- bundle Pricing In order to boost the sale and encourage customer to try our new or improved reduce, we would like to combine those products with famous product in bundles at reduced price. We would like to bundle new and improved products with several type of current product having highest sales volume with 20% of reduced prices. This method can introduce and increase the trial of the newly product to customer using the strong market share and popularity of famous products. This pricing strategy will only be operated within two months because of its purpose which is to create curiosity and awareness of customer on new products.

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