International marketing sales Assignment

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Sales, marketing and communication HEM builds a house according to consumer’s requirement and budget. They try to have a compliance with standards and respect for the client and take care of on- and offline sales activities by using communication tools. They understand consumer’s overall demand like schedule, budget, design, quality by online and then, company employers contact consumer on-offline by email or visit the company to see their model houses.

Company continues to feedback with customer to satisfy their configuration and model of house. The house is built inside factory, then, the house is delivered to customer. –Their marketing functions are dedicated to marketing campaign conception, development of e-commerce performance tools, and product positioning. C] Marketing strategy: The reason the company has to do marketing by advertising focusing on personalization is Canada has a low context culture. Canada can be included in low context culture.

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So they use the image, text, strong call to action directly to get a target consumer. The text Is their own slogan like dream it! Build it! Live it! They also put a picture like clear Image of the product on website for exact understanding of consumer, so consumer can understand landscape design and how their house can be made like house plan. The company Is responsible for the branding and communication around their products(online and offline)with the objective to attract new guests to their locations.

Key points of differentiation Compared with competitors The primary values of the company Include quality, the respect of deadlines, compliance with standards and respect for the client. Construction material can differentiate this company from others. The company use better and new quality can indicate their differences, so the company use only the best materials to build home Including Weyerhaeuser engineered structural materials, plywood sheathing and lifetime roof shingles than Just woods of cheap quality .

Delivery guarantee Is a big advantage compared with their competitors. Customer can decide delivery date and that this guarantee Is to give credibility and trust to customer. Design also can be big differentiation. All company has a design, but consumers want design that anyone cannot mimic the characteristics of Its own, so the reflection of their special quality and design will give the difference to the company.

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