International Marketing Concepts Assignment

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The audience appeal Is the communications approach that relates to the motives of the target audience. For example, ads based on a rational appeal depend on logic and speak to the audience’s Intellect. Rational appeals are based on consumers’ needs for information. In contrast. Ads using an emotional appeal may tug at the heartstrings or tickle the funny bone of the intended audience and evoke a feeling response that will direct purchase behavior. Creative execution is the way an appeal or proposition is presented. There can be differences between what one says and how one says it.

There are a variety of executions including straight sell, scientific evidence, ministration, comparison, testimonial, slice of life, animation, fantasy, and deterioration. The responsibility for deciding on the appeal, the selling proposition, and the appropriate execution lies with creative, a term that applies to art directors and copywriters. 5. ) When creating advertising for world markets, what are some of the Issues that art directors and copywriters should take Into account? Art directors are In charge of choosing graphics, pictures, type styles, and other visual elements that appear in an advertisement.

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They must make sure that visual executions are not inappropriately extended into markets. For example, when I was in Europe I saw commercials for beer brands where the actors/actresses were drinking the beer. In the United States, it is against the law to show people actually drinking beer In the commercial. Copywriters are language specialists who develop the headlines, subheads, and body copy used in print advertising and the scripts containing the words that are delivered by the talents in broadcast ads. A cooperative needs to be able to think in the target language and understand the consumers in the target country.

A copywriter has the responsibility of accurately putting a message Into writing that the target market is able to comprehend and understand. Both the role of the art director and copywriter have Important roles In order for an advertisement to be successful. 7. ) How does public relations differ from advertising? Why Is PR especially important for global companies? Public relations is the department or organization and its products or brands. Public relations personnel also are responsible for fostering goodwill, understanding, and acceptance among a company’s various constituents and publics.

One of the tasks of PR is to generate favorable publicity. PR is also responsible for handling issues and complications that arise in the media around the world that involve their company/product/service. PR is not responsible for any advertising, rather using different outlets to handle public relations related activities. PR is vital for global companies as they serve many different roles. They are called upon to build consensus and understanding, create trust and harmony, articulate and influence public opinion, anticipate conflicts, and resolve disputes. There are many differences between PR practices around the world. 8.

What are some of the ways public relations practices vary in different parts of the world? Public relations are affected by cultural traditions, social and political contexts, and economic environments. There are different ways to communicate in developing countries versus communicating in the United States. In the United States, PR is increasingly viewed as a separate management function. However, in Europe PR professionals are viewed as part of the marketing department. China is a country that lacks strong public relations. They are not able to handle damaging media content and they are not able to publicly explain their views.

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