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Which of the following statements is true about the World Trade Organization: it is he successor to the MIFF it is the successor to GATE it is the successor to NONFAT it is the successor to the EX. 3. The form of economic cooperation that calls for 1) eliminating internal barriers to trade and 2) establishing common external barriers is known as a(n) economic union free trade area common market customs union 4. A new bilateral agreement between the European Union and Turkey will eliminate internal trade barriers and establish common external tariffs.

This arrangement is a(n): 5. The United States, Canada, and Mexico participate in a form of economic cooperation own as a(n): free trade area 6. Which of the following countries ranks number 1 in terms of two-way trade with the United States: Japan Mexico Germany China Canada 7. Numerous would best be described as a(n): free trade area that’s evolving into a customs union customs union that’s evolving into a common market common market that’s evolving into an economic union 8.

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The proper name of the economic cooperation group that consists exclusively of Asian countries is: East Asian Trading Group Japan Inc. The Asian Economic Cooperation Association of Southeast Asian Nations Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation MAKE 680-01, spring 2006, Exam I Review Questions 9. Page 1 of 12 To date, actual economic integration among SEAN countries has been limited. However, the member nations hope to create a(n) 10. Early in the 21st century: The Masochist Treaty called for: the creation of an Asia Free Trade Area (AFT) the creation of a monetary union in Europe Chile’s acceptance into Numerous increased purchases of U. S. Auto parts by Japanese manufacturers 1 1 . Which of the following is NOT a correct statement of a change that will affect how companies do business in Rupee’s single market: a. Harmonistic of product standards . Common guidelines for TV broadcasting c. Less competitive pricing environment d. Reduction in customs formalities for goods crossing borders 12.

To qualify for EX. membership, a country’s budget deficit must be: under 3 percent of GAP. Under 10 percent of GAP. Under 25 percent of GAP. Under 50 percent of GAP. Chapter 4 – Social and Cultural Environments can be defined as “the ways of living, built up by a group of human beings, that are transmitted from one generation to another. ” Religion Culture Economics Self-actualization Suppose you have a friend from India who is a lifelong vegetarian and who does not eke McDonald’s because the company sells hamburgers in many countries (although not in India).

Which of the following describes your friend: “vegetarianism” represents a value; “dislike McDonald’s” represents an attitude “vegetarianism” represents an attitude; “dislike McDonald’s” represents a value “vegetarianism” and “dislike McDonald’s” both represent attitudes “vegetarianism” and “dislike McDonald’s” both represent values A real estate developer who wanted open a factory mall in Europe had to change the wording in his proposal to “designer outlet” because officials wanted to know where the “factory” would be.

This episode shows the importance of: syntax morphology semantics phonology When the Coca-Cola Company was developing its new Disdain bottled water brand, linguists helped guide the naming process. For example, the recurring “a” was chosen because it has a soothing sound. In linguistics, issues pertaining to letters and sounds are a matter of: syntax When Canon was developing a brand name for its tiny Aleph camera, the distinctive pH spelling was intended to draw a connection between the cameras and the word photography while the name itself was intended to evoke the image of a tiny pixie- like creature.

These considerations are associated which aspects of linguistics: phonology and semantics syntax and semantics Page 2 of 12 semantics and morphology morphology and syntax During a presentation in Latin America, a U. S. Salesperson was covering material in an orderly, “Point One, Point Two” fashion. The potential client’s responses seemed to go in loops and spirals rather than in a linear fashion. What aspect of verbal communication is at issue here: phasing sequencing is a phrase used to describe a country or regional culture where a business deal depends more on person’s word than on formal paperwork or a legally-binding contract.

Low-context High-context Cultural universal Self-reference criterion U. S. Corp.. Established a Joint venture with Rustproof, a Russian aerospace concern. The U. S. Partner relied on teams of lawyers to pursue due diligence and ensure that every eventuality was covered by contracts. Rustproof managers found all this confusing, and were more interested in building personal relationships and mutual trust. Which of the following best explains the situation: U. S. Culture is high-context, Russian’s is low context the U. S. And Russia are both low-context cultures the U. S. And Russia are both high-context cultures U.

S. Culture is low-context, Russian’s is high context Which of the following is not true about the music industry in India: Local artists sing predominantly in English. American pop music accounts for only about 5% of recorded music sales. Consumption of Western pop music is mostly confined to the largest cities. Music shops in rural areas stock recordings by Western artists in order to cater to the tourist trade. Which of the following most accurately contrasts nations in terms of individualist versus collectivist cultures: The U. S. Is a collectivist culture, while Japan is an individualistic culture. The U. S. An individualist culture, while Japan is a collectivist culture. The U. S. And Japan are both individualist cultures The U. S. And Japan are both collectivist cultures 1 1 . According to recent research on the relevance of Hypotheses social values framework to global marketing, consumers in countries ranking high on the individualism dimension respond well to: a. Functional brand images b. Social brand images c. None of the above d. All of the above e. Sensory brand images 12. According to diffusion theory, which of the following is the first step in the adoption process: adoption trial awareness interest evaluation 3.

A few years ago, Philips Electronics developed a new consumer electronics product called the Digital Compact Cassette player. DOC did more than allow users to record and playback in a new digital format; DOC was also designed to play the older, analog cassette tapes that many people own. However, die-hard audio buffs were the only ones to buy DOC and Philips ultimately discontinued the product. Which of the following statements based on adopter categories describes this: a. Early adopters bought, but innovators didn’t b. Innovators bought, but early adopters didn’t c. Innovators bought, and everyone else was a laggard . Early majority bought, but late majority didn’t e. DOC was a laggard MAKE 680-01, spring 2006, Exam I Review Questions page 3 of 12 14. An entrepreneur who opened a Western-style coffee bar in Hong Kong generated additional traffic by selling tea; regular threatening patrons eventually “moved up” to coffee. Which characteristic of innovations was the entrepreneur using: a. Compatibility b. Relative advantage c. Communicability d. Complexity e. Divisibility 15. Which of the following is true about the innovation diffusion process in Asia: Japan has a high-context culture with a relatively homogeneous population.

Because risk avoidance is a cultural value, there are fewer innovators in Asia than in the United States. Once innovators in Asia have tried a product, early adopters and the early majority quickly follow suit. After a new product has achieved success in one Asian market, it is likely to be adopted in other Asian markets at an even faster rate. All of the above are true Chapter 5 – Legal and Regulatory Environments The trend towards prevarication in many parts of the world is a reflection of changes in which environment: social and cultural economic and political scientific and technological physical and natural

By definition, is the potential for a change in a country’s political environment or government policy that could adversely affect a global company’s operations. Political culture political risk nationalization sovereignty jurisdiction Which of the following is NOT an institution for arbitrating trade disputes: American Arbitration Association UN Conference on International Trade Law International Chamber of Commerce European Court of Justice International Court of Justice In West Africa, Burning Fast, the Ivory Coast and Senegal are former French colonies, while Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Ghana are former British colonies.

Based on this information, which of the following would be correct: Burning Fast, the Ivory Coast and Senegal are civil-code countries, while Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Ghana are common law countries. Burning Fast, the Ivory Coast and Senegal are common law countries, while Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Ghana are civil-code countries. All the West African nations mentioned above are likely to be civil-code countries. All the West African nations mentioned above are likely to be common law countries.

Which of the following statements about civil-code law is incorrect: code law’s origins can be traced back to Rome sot countries have legal systems based on civil-code traditions past legal rulings are the basis of civil-code law Central European countries are developing “pure” legal systems based on code law In many parts of the world, sales of unauthorized videos of Hollywood movies cost the movie studios billions of dollars.

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