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Below are facts due to which interactive marketing has grown quickly . Increased word of mouth: customers are more engaged because the campaign is more hands-on than traditional advertising. Enhanced customer engagement leads to Increased satisfaction, which makes the customer more likely to share his or her experience with friends and family, Ex-FEAR-elemental Marketing Is a good example of creating a word of mouth in my opinion. For egg:- the Beer Ad made by John SST Agency. (towpath. Youth. Mom/watch? V??sagacious) 2. Personalized campaign: : This is the advantage of interactive marketing I. E. Ability to be customized and allured to certain users and consumer groups, something that is more difficult, and sometimes impossible through traditional advertising methods. For e. G. : I can relate this through my personal experience, as a consumer I buy health supplements from a particular website and based on my previous purchase history the website not only provides info.

On related purchases but gives discount based on shopping history. 3. Creating positive brand experience Unlike traditional, non-interactive forms of advertising, which can be disturbing and irritating for customers, interactive arresting strategies can ease a brand’s position in consumers’ minds by being more fun, entertaining and engaging, which in turn has helped create a positive brand experience in the consumer’s mind and added to the company’s success. 4.

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Focus customer relationship Instead media : Interactive collaborative relationships with customers instead of relying solely on online campaigns. This differentiates Interactive marketing from online marketing. Growth behind interactive marketing Interactive marketing has found a home on the Internet, and its presence is only expected to increase. A recent report from Forrester Research predicts that by 2016, spending on interactive marketing will reach nearly $77 billion. Ad Age reported further on Forester’s findings, saying that the $76. Billion is “equal to TV spending this year and comprising 35% of all advertising. ” Out of all the types of interactive marketing, search marketing is expected to continue to be the biggest, which is expected to reach $33. 3 billion in spending by 2016. The Conclusion Interactive marketing techniques is a powerful way to interact with customers and make strong customer connections. This mind of Focus on customer connection/relationship leads into heavier emphasis on customer service.

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