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Jan has been a makeup artist for over 12 years, only Just recently finding her passion to bring her outstanding makeovers to others. Jan has always had an eye for perfection, a talent for bringing tatty to the face, and a passion for inspiring others to see their own beauty. Jan became a certified international makeup artist in 2007, and since has had the opportunity to bring her talent to others in various settings.

From bridal makeup, to catalog makeup, makeup for a female football league, personal photo sessions, and home makeover parties; Jan has done it all. Makeup by Jan is based in Naperville, Illinois but is a mobile business. Its home business area is Chicago and surrounding suburbs. There are several “freelance” makeup artists in the area but most focus on the fashion industry and are based in Integrated Marketing Plan By anaconda experience in the fashion world with models, the focus of her brand is to help bring out the beauty in the “average” woman.

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Her goal is to make every woman feel their best and bring out their inner beauty through enhancing the outer package. Currently, the typical customer for Makeup by Ganja’s services is the woman between the ages of 21-40, middle income, and looking to obtain services for some type of special event, or to learn tips and tricks to feel more beautiful on a day-to day basis without spending 30 minutes or more in front of the mirror. About 25% of the nonuser is the latter, wanting to learn how to do their makeup on their own in a better manner. 5% of the women who come to Makeup by Jan for services are looking to feel pampered and more beautiful than they would on a day-to-day basis for either their wedding, a special evening out, a social event, or a photo shoot. As of today the company does not have a set and planned promotional program. Current ways of advertising are word of mouth, social media, and verbal marketing by Jan. Ganja’s friends, family, and past clients do refer new clients, and about 50% of the company business is by word of mouth. Social media is used via a business page on Backbone, and pictures of makeup clients on Mainstream.

Verbal marketing occurs when Jan meets someone new, or happens to engage in a conversation with people about makeup, where she informs of her services and refers clients to her Backbone page for her portfolio. The most desirable goal to achieve through this marketing plan is to find more methods of mainstream advertising, and to finally have a website launched to direct potential clients to view. INTEGRATED MARKETING CAMPAIGN The biggest and most important objective of this MIMIC campaign for Makeup by Jan is o brand the company, launch the company, and gain a large amount of exposure.

A few other strategic goals and objectives are expected to be obtained during this campaign time: Corporate Growth Objectives * Grow earnings by at least 5 percent each year * Boost sales by at least $10,000 over the next two years * Launch company website * Become one of the top providers of mobile makeup services in the Chicago area * Create a brand image * Promote the brand image and raise public awareness Communication Objectives * Launch website * Gain traffic to the website * Increase word-of-mouth marketing Increase social media activity * Create promotional materials and specials In order to successfully achieve these goals, a SOOT analysis has been performed to assess the company: I Strengths I Weaknesses I Internal Forces I ; Personalized service I ; Only one employee I I ;Expert skill level I ;Part-time business I Marketing I I Opportunities I Threats I External Forces I ; Ability to tap into Chicago fashion industry I ;Economic status of clients I I ; Female-owned small business I ;Other freelance makeup artists I I ; Word-of-mouth marketing is popular I ; Decreased demand for revise I ADVERTISING AND MARKETING CAMPAIGN The advertising plan for Makeup by Jan will be focused on three main components. These components are all meant to achieve a true “launch” of the company, since currently the company operates in a very small market and client base. The plan is for the company to become more familiar within the Chicago land area. The brand will be easily recognizable, the logo will stand out to potential customers, and the beauty of the makeup work will shine through to customers. The message conveyed to customers will be one of professional, flawless, and unique makeup services.

Makeup by Jan likes to tailor the makeup experience to each customer. Typically a custom experience includes a survey of customer’s skin, asking the desired look, and working diligently to achieve a perfect look for the individual. Many women like to bring a photo of makeup looks they’ve seen, and Jan either re-creates the look, or uses the look for inspiration to deliver the exact vision of the customer. The custom servicing will show within the advertising campaign, and customer testimonials will be a part of the strategy when launching the company web page. Since Makeup by Jan is a smaller company and does not currently have plans to grow on a national level, TV or radio advertising is not necessary.

The majority of focus will be to partake in bridal expos, local networking events, “girl’s nights out”, and social interaction with others in bars, clubs, beauty stores, and/or social functions with friends. Once the plan launches, the plan will be heavily promoted for about six months. During this time, promotional cards will be mailed to friends, dropped off in bridal, floral, and local businesses. The website will be promoted on social media sites, as well as easily cognizable on printed advertising mediums. An idea is to run an ad within a local magazine, called Naperville Magazine. Even though the company is mobile; home base is in Naperville, IL and Naperville is a good market to expand. The biggest challenge within this marketing campaign will be the budget. Budget for the advertising plan is low. The total budget is $1,000.

Most of the budget will be allocated for printing business cards, promotional post cards, a car window decal, and for web hosting services. Since most of the plan is heavily based on word of mouth and social media advertising, the biggest investment for Makeup by Jan will e that of time. This means the company will have to find creative and free ways to promote in addition to using the $1,000 budget. The website can be created for free, word-of-mouth will involve a small cost of printing more business cards and promotional flyers, and social media activity only requires a time investment. The company will consider advertising in the yellow pages, local newsletters, and wedding websites.

Overview of MIMIC Promotional Mix * Updated business cards and company logo * Postcard flyers for 20% off first-time makeup application services * Advertise and promote new makeup services Creative posts and posts with pictures of past clients on the company Backbone page at a minimum of 3 times per week. * Distributing business cards to family and friends to pass out to people they come in contact with. The campaign is initially thought to last for the whole year of 2013. During this time, we will gather and measure the success of the campaign. When the website is designed, it will be one that counts the number of hits to the site. New clients will be surveyed to determine how they heard about us. Local businesses where postcards and business cards are dropped off will be closely monitored to see how often they deed refills. Printing of business cards and flyers will also be another method to monitor.

After the first 6 months, a bi-monthly data collection will occur to see how effective the marketing campaign was. DIRECT MARKETING CAMPAIGN The objective of the direct marketing plan will also be to focus on the company website, but use various methods of print and media communications to spread word to as many people as possible. Since the company is a small business and does not have plans of going national or expanding in a large manner within the next five years, there is no need for radio or television advertising. The direct marketing plan involves updating the company logo and fonts, and creating new business cards and postcard flyers. The postcard flyers will be for a sales promotion, which will be outlined in the sales promotion mix.

Other than business cards, meeting people face- to-face and attending local networking events will be key to direct marketing. While Chicago is not as popular as Los Angels or New York, there is a healthy fashion and arts scene. Makeup by Jan is based out of Naperville, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago. Jan is in a good location to attend networking events both in the suburbs and in the City of Chicago. Networking events are common in Chicago and a lot of great business contacts and clients are gained through attending. Industry nights, girls nights out, events with other business owners, are all sources of direct and low- cost marketing techniques for Makeup by Jan.

Jan will also distribute business cards to friends and family to hand out to people they know and meet. Another method to implement will be a decal for Ganja’s car promoting Makeup by Jan. This is a great tool to use in promotion, especially in the suburbs because everyone has to drive everywhere. The decals will go on each side of the vehicle, as well as one for the sack window. These decals will feature the company logo and also a large-display of the company website. These decals are inexpensive, ranging from $10-$50 depending on size. The biggest part of the overall MIMIC campaign will be spent on the direct marketing tools. $800 of the budget will go towards the direct marketing piece of the plan.

Business card printing for the year, promotional flyers, and car decals will be created as part of the direct marketing. Company business cards and flyers will be distributed to known floral shops, photographers, limo services, and wedding Do’s. Makeup by Jan is also considering running an ad in the local magazine, Naperville Magazine. Naperville magazine is a great source for what’s happening in the area, where to eat, where to see and be seen, fashion, and local news. Plenty of other This will be evaluated by contacting the editor and determining if the cost fits into the budget for the MIMIC plan. INTERNET MARKETING CAMPAIGN The internet marketing plan is the most important objective for Makeup by Jan.

The company does not have a permanent brick-and-mortar location, the internet and the business generated from the source will be the main area of generating revenue for he company. Since Makeup by Jan is a service-based company, the focus on word- of-mouth even within the internet marketing plan is extremely important. In general, service based companies’ credit word-of-mouth as a lucrative source of business, and Makeup by Jan plans to use this to advantage. The main focus of the internet marketing plan is to launch the company website. The company does not currently have a website and uses a Backbone page as the only source of internet commerce.

The company website will focus on promoting the services offered and showcasing work completed by Jan over the last several years. When entering the site, the page will have a slideshows of 5 photos of Ganja’s most prized makeup work. The company website will have a sleek look that matches the Makeup by Jan look and logo. Background and colors of the site will be black and white, to give a sleek, clean look. This will allow the photos within the portfolio to be the focal point. The website will be broken down into the portfolio section, the “about us”, pricing and services section, client testimonials, contact details and a form for the customer to send inquiries, and links to valued business affiliates.

The menus will be ordered as follows: -About/Bio Portfolio broken down into the following categories: – Fashion -Beauty -Bridal -Makeovers/Tutorials -Pricing/Service Info and Policies -Testimonials -Contact Us section -Links/Resources (for other key businesses) In addition to the website, the company will focus on promotion of the website on other business websites (via a link to the weeping). Jan has worked with many photographers, photographers, nail technicians, models, and artists. The plan is to reach out to each of these business associates and ask to be added as a link to their own websites, in exchange for a link and mention on Makeup by Ganja’s website. The last part of the internet plan is to focus on social media promotion on Backbone, Mainstream, and Linked In. The current Backbone page will be updated to match the brand image.

The cover photo of the Backbone page will be the same makeup photo and lettering as can be found on the company website, and updated business cards. Font so that clients can easily identify the site. “Posts” by the company on Backbone will occur at least 3 times a week. Each post will promote the new company website, offer promotions, post photos of clients, or offer makeup tips and tricks. Mainstream will be used as well. Jan currently has an Mainstream account, and will continue to post photos of clients and makeup work on herself, and also photos and comments about makeup products she uses and loves. Each photo posted will have a “watermark” on it with the company web address. A Linked In page will also be created.

The Linked In page will showcase 5 of Ganja’s best makeup looks on clients, and will also provide the same bio as the company website will have and a breakdown of services offered. SALES PROMOTION A few promotions will be implemented in conjunction with the objective of the rest of the MIMIC plan. The sales promotions will consist of flyers for a percentage off first-time makeup application services. With the launch of the website and increased focus on word of mouth, these coupons will help to give even more incentive to Makeup by Ganja’s customers. The sales promotion plan is to offer a 2013 “ring in the new year” postcard flyer with a promotion for the year. The promotion will be 20% off first time service (makeup trial, evening makeup, or makeup tutorial only) wedding day makeup is excluded from this promotion.

Postcard flyers will be printed with the company image on front, and back will include the promotion details and contact information . The promotional materials will be distributed starting January 2013 as a “ring in the new year” special, and will be good for the entire year of 2012, expiring December 31, 2013. The budget for the postcard flyers for the year is $500. * The postcard flyer will also help to build the companies branding which will include a specific font and image, which will match the logo on the company website, business cards, promo cards, and also purchase a decal for my vehicle; so that people become familiar with the company “brand” and begin to associate a certain logo with Makeup by Jan.

The last step in the marketing plan will be to really promote “word of mouth” by asking current customers if they know of anyone looking for makeup services, and providing them with the postcard flyers to hand out to their friends and family. Other options that are currently being considered are: Personal selling in stores Direct advertising (including web banner advertising) Business networking Trade shows Public relations and free publicity For return customers of Makeup by Jan, a promotion of 10% off services for 2013 will be offered. While this promotion will not be as heavily promoted as for ewe customers, when Jan is contacted by past customers she will communicate the 10% off special. Since 2013 is the year of the website launch, Ganja’s plan is to draw in as many customers as possible. By offering discount promotions, she is confident that she will achieve her goal.

PUBLIC RELATIONS STRATEGY A public relations strategy is not something that was considered by Makeup by objectives of the company, a loose plan will be outlined for the company in case necessary. All public relations will be handled by Jan herself. The main public relations focus will be to gain (positive) awareness of the company. Jan plans to achieve this by offering surveys after services to current clients, and to ask all new clients how they heard about the company. This data will then be used to analyze the best avenue of exposure, and future advertising and marketing campaigns will be focused around this data. If a situation does arise where Makeup by Jan needs to handle bad publicity, the company will act accordingly.

Situations that could arise are an unsatisfied client, an adverse reaction to products due to unknown sensitivity Can discusses and evaluates skin with each client before ever touching their face), or a client that gossips or leaves negative comments about the company. While Ganja’s focus is to have a perfectly satisfied client before they step up from her chair; there is no control over another person’s actions once they are on their own time. Negative publicity strategy will consist of monitoring social media, the internet, or “word-of-mouth” for any feedback. If negative comments do arise, Jan will ask that person or person(s) how the situation can be mitigated.

Whether this involves another makeup session at a deep discount, or a half-off tutorial, or a thorough consultation with the client, Jan is willing to do what it takes. Brand image is very important to the company and Jan works hard to keep her professional, artistic, warm, and friendly image intact. CONCLUSION Makeup by Jan is eager to grow the business to a full-time, fully integrated and functional “real” business. While the integrated marketing plan is detailed and intense with several challenges, this will finally be the launch that Jan needs to take the makeup artistry to the next level. Jan plans and is confident that she will “make her mark” in the Chicago beauty industry and will leave a legacy associated with her brand image and company public relations affairs.

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