Integrated marketing communications of XBOX ONE Assignment

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The characteristics of current customers in U. S. , Canada, Australia, and a few European countries are highly educated that can be able to come up with the high technology products. In addition, the high living standard in developed countries makes targeted steamrollering to pay and enjoy the entertainment from internet services. It shows that families which have high income and enable to use advanced technology are the criteria for using the OXBOW. Changing world makes Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to form favorable potential markets In Asia.

With the rapid economic and political placement in China, Chinese can enjoy the education service which equivalent to high school level, there are more technology Infrastructures provided by government. Especially In Sheehan, Shanghai and Belling, the living standard and education level are relatively higher than other regions In China. People In these three regions share the same culture so they would probably travel to East Salsa such as Hong Kong and Taiwan with business or vocation purpose. Under this situation, people are connecting easily by using the OXBOW.

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We believe the Interactions among audience in hose regions would speed up the ripening of the vast market In the mainland China. Microsoft Inc. Takes the right product positioning strategy and forms a clear product differentiation to compete with other companies. As there Is a keen competition In technology and software Industry thus the company has to keep spending resources for product research and development. During the past few years, Microsoft Inc. Has experienced In enhancing the current product to meet the customer needs so the Kinetic functionality of the OXBOW 360 Is successfully created.

A wide variety of Kinetic reprisals will be available to enhance the gaming experience of players. The Improved sensitivity and online streaming for gaming and video sharing heighten the enjoyment to next level. At the same time, the company quotes the new console as a desirable alternative to the Apple TV and the Google TV system. Microsoft Inc. Tries to group all the functions Into a product to fulfill the customer needed response to threats. The company products facilitate family members to watch live television programmer and communicate with friends over the Internet rather than Just providing the video games function.

Therefore, It has a big product differentiation between Sony Plantation 4 and Nintendo WI U which provide the games function people daily necessity that Oxbow One can be a device as common as a television set in every household in the world. The overall marketing objectives for Microsoft Inc. Is to inform the new product features and build up the brand awareness in Greater China market. Therefore, the marketing communication plan is to support the overall marketing plan by doing the advertising and promotion. It uses to increase the sales and market share in the three regions and increase the customer purchase intention.

The company has to reach the target audience in order to achieve awareness of promotion and gain a return of investment. At the same time, the traffic driving is also need to do and encompass the driving traffic to all stories in a chain. Nevertheless, communicate the call to action that it is used to tell the target audience remembers what to do to participate the promotion and gain the benefits or advantages offered. Finally, measure the response and effectiveness such as number of clicks of banner advertisement and also number of website visitor can be tracked.

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