Integrated Marketing Communication Assignment

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What concerns do some customers still have about e-commerce? A: Many consumers are still wary of purchasing products over the Internet for 4 reasons: 1 . Seller opportunism: Where fraud and Identity theft are two of the main worries. 2. Security issues: Where identity theft remains a problem, as does theft of credit card numbers. 3. Privacy issues: Because people worry about being bombarded with marketing materials. They also do not like having their purchasing and surfing habits monitored. 4.

Purchasing habits: Because many people are more comfortable with hopping in a store rather than online and having things delivered. SQ: What is interactive marketing? A: Interactive marketing Is the development of marketing programs that create interplay between consumers and businesses rather than simply sending messages to potential customers. SQ: What 4 forms of online advertising are used by marketing teams? 1 . Banner or display ads 2. Classified ads 3. Purchase spots on search engines 4. Online media/video ads. SQ: What is meant by the term Search Engine Optimization (SEE)? How can it be accomplished?

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A: Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the arability of a particular company’s web site emerging from a search. The three methods to accomplish It are: 1. A paid search Insertion 2. Organic or natural emergence 3. Paid search ads Chapter 3 SQ: Describe the three main forms of business-to-business sales? A: ? Chapter 1 1 SQ: Describe a frequency program. Which type of users pays off the best (to the company) in a frequency program? (Light users, medium users, or heavy users? ) Why? A: A frequency program Is an incentive plan designed to cause customers to make repeat purchases.

The best target for a frequency program Is the group In the middle, neither low or heavy users. Incentives can encourage this group to continue to buy, because they often will make enough purchases in order to redeem incentives. Light users need no new incentive. SQ: All of the following are marketing communication trends that have emerged during these turbulent times except? A: Accountability b: Rising costs of media space and time c: Changes in tasks performed by all of the players involved in an advertising program d: Explosive development of alternative media Answer: ? SQ: True or false?

A firm’s image is based on the feeling consumers and businesses eave about the overall organization and its individual brands. A: ? SQ: True or false? Google is an example of an implied corporate name. A: False (page ref. 32) QUO: The feeling consumers and businesses have about an organization and its brand is the corporation’s: a: Advertising program impact b: Flanker brand c: Image d: Persona IQ 1: True or false? In terms of new products introductions, the early adopter group consists of consumers who hold average social status, and due to more limited resources, are more cautious about making purchases of new products, such as the phone.

A: False (page ref. 56) IQ 2: True or false? During the initial search for purchasing alternatives, a consumer considers all of the brands that he or she used in the past. A: False (page ref. 59) IQ 3: True or false: In dual-channel marketing, to avoid confusing individuals who might see messages aimed at consumers and other messages aimed at businesses promoting different benefits, companies will often engage in dual branding. A: True (page ref. 79) QUO: During a search for purchase information, what factor will increase the probability that a brand will be considered? A: Brand parity b: Brand Equity c: Product viability d: Brand ambiguity

IQ 5: Motivation to conduct an external search for information depends on all of the following except? A: Level of brand parity within a product category b: Level of involvement c: Need for cognition IQ 6: True or false? Advertising management is the process of preparing an integrating a company’s advertising efforts with overall MIMIC messages. A: True (page ref. 121) IQ 7: True or false? In business-to-business communications, advertising is often the primary promotion method with the other components of the promotional mix, such as trade promotion, consumer promotions, and personal selling supporting the advertising. A: False (page ref. 122)

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