Instagram marketing strategy Assignment

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In this article, the new chief operation officer of Mainstream, Ms. White speaks about their new marketing strategy. Mainstream is a free Photo sharing social media service. But now Ms. White is planning to sell advertisements on Mainstream while maintaining their focus on providing users with a clear design and a simple way to share photos. Additionally, Mainstream also wants to avoid repeating Its parent company, Passbook’s earlier missteps with advertisers. SOOT analysis can be done to determine the effect of this new change In their revive.

One of the strength Is to learn from Its parent company, Backbone. Mainstream can also analyze user’s response of advertisements on Backbone and avoid repeating the same mistakes. Secondly, Mainstream provides very clear and simple Interface to users, which Is one of the advantage of their app. Since company Is still growing and has only been out from last few years, It does not have many weaknesses. But simplicity which is one of their strength, could be seen at risk by selling advertisements on their app.

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Therefore, Mainstream’s major challenge will be to continue providing user friendly and clear design interface. It is possible to overcome this problem by coming up with an approach that will be quickly adapted by users and will keep them more interested in this app. The company will have an opportunity to expand and possible more users. As Mainstream will increase their partnerships with more brand marketers; brands will help promote Mainstream service to more users. As a result, Mainstream will expand their target market, specially by offering their service in more developing countries.

Moreover, it will also benefit financially. Mainstream will be able to utilize the profits earned by these advertisements for making more investments. And in long run, Mainstream will have an advantage of financial stability and will have more resources to grow their business. Lastly, Twitter, the competitor of Mainstream can be seen as threat because it has more active users than Mainstream. But since Mainstream seems to be moving at very fast Pace, it might leave behind twitter in the near future.

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