India Marketing Environment Impact on the I.T. Assignment

India Marketing Environment Impact on the I.T.  Assignment Words: 382

TTS aims to “create a global organization, which follows the same ethics and values everywhere.. Let also selects qualified students in large numbers for employment across the nation. * Political Environment political stability is a huge factor in the growth Story Of Indian IT sector. As Indian IT sector is driven by outsourcing, a stable political environment means increased customer confidence which eventually brings business to the domestic firms . From the onset Indian gobo. Has offered tax holidays to IT sector. Further it is extended till 2012.

This kind of favorable action from gobo. Has helped the companies like TTS to grow by leaps and bounds. The tax holidays was scheduled to be ended in 2008; but amid on going global slowdown Indian gobo. Decided to extend the same till 2012. Thus TTS has been benefited largely. However, if political scenario of USA is considered then, it has brought bad news for TTS. With the change of guard in SACS, getting a HOB visa has become more stringent. Earlier ,TTS was one of the main player who has utilized HI B visa in its favor to a great extent to serve its customers at near shore.

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Beam’s anti outsourcing policy has compelled USA companies not to give more business to India which eventually has hit TTS badly. Thus, to deal with the political environment of host country is a huge upcoming challenge for TTS. Strategy Suggested As TTS believes in taking risks, entering China and fighting the tide; I personally wish that competitors of TTS like Informs, Wiper should also follow the strategy of taking risks . China has a better infrastructure. It will help the Information Technology companies of India to grow there and spread worldwide.

Many companies from China has tried their hands in India but only one company from our nation has newly entered to their place. IT companies should devise strategic plans to grow newly acquired businesses and verticals and also to enhance existing relationships . Landing companies should also think broad by investing more on latest technologies and helping the youth of the nation to learn and gain more by introducing open scripting languages related to project required so that interested candidates would get a chance to learn and grow more.

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