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Human Sexuality Relate value systems and critical thinking to your sexual decision making before and after this course This course has been very insightful and delivered a mountain full of very useful information that undoubtedly has the ability to positively impact an individual’s life. Critical thinking is a very important aspect of life that is often overlooked and can often lead to consequences that could have possibly been avoided had the ordeal or situation been approached correctly.

Critically analyzing a sexual decision Is nothing less than a priority because of the Impact that a “heat of he moment” decision could have. One must be skeptical when approaching a sexual situation because the ultimate goal, a moment of pleasure, could lead to a lifetime of manageability due to either a sexually transmitted disease or, the birth of an unplanned child. This course has opened the authors eye’s to many things including, but not limited to, the importance of critically analyzing a given sexual encounter.

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It Is all too easy for sexual pleasure to take hold of a moment, no matter what Its form, causing all of the possible negatives side effects that surround the encounter to be blocked out or overlooked. Now at this stage In life the rational value system is allowing for me to see the possibility of pain or any other forms of trouble that may arise by acting on the moment. Describe the effect of environment and historical perspectives on your sexuality Times have changed immensely when it comes to talking about sex and sexuality!

The author had grown up in an era where sex did not possess the power that It has today; in fact, buying condoms was a bitter task that caused Insecurities and a moment of awkwardness. Personally during early developmental stages with the author’s nurtured environment his exposure to homosexuality was at a minimum with no real information provided about his paternal father, the author conformed to a traditional heterosexual lifestyle. The lack of contact with other sexual orientations made it impossible to understand these lifestyles.

Later on in pre-adult life stages when the author became incarcerated, the homosexual lifestyle was Introduced on a more Individual basis, where the writer was Involuntarily subjected to learn about this type of person. Post release from the correctional facility, with rumors of his father’s abnormal sexual behaviors, the writer had chosen to investigate his father’s behaviors and came to the conclusion the father had been arrested for pedophilia. Thus, explaining why the male role model was taken away. Growing up in a household that was basically all women, it was instilled within the writer that there is no sex whatsoever until marriage.

There were strict views about even kissing a girl and was told that she could get pregnant by It. There was none of the sexual Influence that Is so present today! Discuss the development of your gender identity The author’s gender identity was developed in a home that was comprised mainly of women and lacked no true male role model. With a strong grandmother that migrated to the United States form Poland, strong male qualities were instilled via her belief system. The author was dressed like a boy, taught to behave like a man emphasis placed upon toughening up, fighting back and the proper way to treat a woman.

There were may have been no male role models to follow after however the behaviors a male was supposed to exude were quickly learned from my mother, my grandmother and the other boys that lived on my street. At around the age often my mother re- married and the writer’s step- father began to instill more of he dominant male qualities that are still intact today. Analyze the effect of attraction and love in your relationships In regard to the effect of love and attraction, the author has come to learn that there is a very big difference between the two.

Attraction is what leads the beginning of a relationship whether it is a friendship or, a romantic relationship. On the other hand, love is a pure emotion or feeling that cannot compare to attraction in any facet. Attraction has led the author to indulge in relationships that had no meaning or depth other than being attracted to the individual on a sexual level. These relationships were short lived and usually dissipated shortly after they had begun. In fact, attraction has led the author to acquire a curable sexually transmitted disease because there was no time placed towards critically analyzing the situation.

When speaking about love, it has the possibility to make an individual stay in a relationship in which they are not happy. Love itself is not enough much like attraction itself is not enough. There are many components that coincide with a relationship work no matter what form of relationship it is. Discuss another topic of this course that is interesting and useful to you. Relate this topic to your life. First and foremost, it must be made clear that everything in this course was both interesting and useful in one way or another. This course delivered a profound amount of insight about sexuality and all of its components.

This topic was taken for granted prior to partaking in this course and there has been a whole different light shed upon the topic of human sexuality. Paraphernalia and sexual abuse was a very insightful topic that aided me in understanding how and why a previous relationship had diminished without a known reason. The author was in a long term relationship with a woman who was aped and it was somewhat of a rocky relationship from its onset. With no understanding of the ongoing side effects of sexual abuse it was not known why certain behaviors had been occurring.

She would become withdrawn if something that was seen that brought back memories of the event. There was a fear of going back to the section of the city where it had occurred, bulimia and a sexual relationship between the two of us that was undoubtedly affected by the event. It took a lot Just to be trusted and caused our relationship to be unsuccessful. In conclusion, human sexuality is a very interesting aspect of psychology that should not e overlooked and is a fundamental part when speaking about the good of humanity on so many different levels.

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