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My report is on the company Hewlett ??? Packard (HP) which was founded in 1939. I mainly focused on the Personal Systems Group (PSG): business and consumers PCs mobile computing devices and workstations which is one of the major industries of HP. In order to succeed in the business industry a company needs to understand its customer’s needs and create wants for them. HP found out that the customer needed light weight, useful notebook PCs through its Research & Development (R) centre.

Hence, it created a want; a New Commercial Notebook PC Compaq Evo Notebook N1015v which packs the power and performance necessary for mobility into a stylish design for only $899(US $). HP also finds out about its customer needs through online feedback forms and survey. Via that, HP was also able to understand that not everyone are able to use their products hence it has created this HP accessibility products which can be accessed by anyone including people with disabilities and age ??? limitations. Example of such product under the PSG industry is the Mobile Speak Pocket which was specially made for the visually impaired people. Refer To Exhibit 1a ??? 1c ) HP has to choose a target audience which are the people you are mainly going to sell your products. The target audience for the HP’s PSG industry are the people in the business industry. In order to attract they need to have a customer driven marketing strategy. This strategy is made up of 5 marketing concepts. They are social marketing concept, marketing concept, selling concept, product concept, and production concept. For social marketing concept, companies should consider the society’s long run interests also considering customers wants and needs.

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HP is committed to reducing its environmental impact of business. HP manages its energy impact by calculating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by our operations and use of electricity. To achieve organization goals, must focus on knowing the needs and wants of the target market and delivering desired satisfaction better than its competitors; this is called marketing concept. And for selling concept, HP understands the customer needs and wants hence customers will not buy unless there are selling and promotion efforts, hence companies focus on creating sales transactions.

HP conducts regular promotions to attract customers and increases sale truncations. For the product concept, consumers prefer products that offer the most in quality, performance and innovative features. HP created two new notebooks, HP Pavilion dv4000 and Compaq Presario V4000 series Notebook PCs which has a technology that lowers memory usage and extends battery life to deliver cutting-edge performance longer. Lastly for and production concept, consumers will favour products that are available and highly affordable.

Hence, HP sells it products in an affordable price and they make sure that consumers can purchase the products conveniently. HP products can be easily purchased at Courts, Harvey Norman, Best and etc. ( Refer To Exhibits 2a ??? 2c ) To further succeed in business industry a company has to construct a marketing program that delivers superior value compared to their competitors. Such marketing plan includes factors such as the 4P’s: price, place, product, and promotion. For price they have to fix a reasonable price and an affordable price as the cost of the product would attract customers.

If their competitors, for example Acer have a cheaper price, consumers would be attracted to them. Hence HP has an affordable price range for its products. Secondly the place, customers should be able to reach the products conveniently than their competitors’ products. The distribution of products should be even through Singapore. Next for the product; it is the notebook PCs or any mobile computing. It should be in a higher quality and with more facilities than their Acer’s products. Subsequently, the promotions, a company needs to give promotions for example discounts or sales to attract customers.

HP gives promotion and conduct sales regularly. These promotions grab customers’ attention and maximises profit for the company and also create ‘loyal’ customers to the company. ( Refer to Exhibit 3A ??? 3C ) In order for the company to succeed it needs to have ‘loyal’ customers. For that the company has to create customer delight which is satisfying their customers. To achieve customer satisfaction, the company has to produce quality product with reasonable pricing, and also assist them with first-class customer service.

HP has given first-class services till it get the Number 1 position for customer satisfaction and a positive impact on its overall rating which was done by online surveys. HP also has an online feedback form to find out the level of customers’ satisfaction. Also HP has built good relationship with its loyal customers with benefit programmes and discounts. Not only that to assist any problems after the purchase of product, help and support is given through website, customer service centre and hotline. In the HP support website, HP offers online diagnostic program, downloading of drivers and software and etc. ( Refer To Exhibit 4a ??? 4d )

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