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Although I was going to college in January, was waiting for schools to resume. However, chatting with my friends and watching TV was my only way of not been sober and frustrated. Outside of TV, chatting with friends on Faceable or Keep, sometime I take a walk outside my home and have an Engineering life of how I am famous and everything is mine, cars, business and other things. For those who have not seen the film, Faith Like potatoes Is based on a farmer and his family who had everything; he was on an average wealth life style.

Although had no faith In God, he was a Christian but his that In Christ was not strong even though he had a wife who believed In Christ. I saw myself in this farmer because I felt everything was over in my life. In this movie faith like potatoes it was a rugged South African farmer, Angus Buchanan, who wrestles with faith, hope, natural disasters and tragic personal loss. He had everything a beautiful home and family until his home was burnt down and he lost everything, Angus Buchanan felt God was mean and wicked or does not love him.

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I saw myself in this movie because at age 13 1 was lost my mum and felt everything was gone; life came hard because people true self was revealed. My brother and my father where all I had left, took me a year to realize my mother was no more and never coming back. My faith In God dropped; It felt he never loved me that Is why he took my mummy. Why It hurt me so much was that I never got to see her for two months before she died so I did not know what to prepare for and except In life.

Everything that happened in my life and family was either a lesson or a blessing. As time flew by and years passes it was like I played the role of a mother, sister, daughter and friend hat became part of my life which made me a stronger person every day I ask God why he took my precious mother but no answer Just like the movie Faith like potatoes Angus Buchanan lost hope and questions GOD but later heard the voice of GOD and regain hope again.

Although in my case it did not take a long while before I regain my faith, something in me always had to fight that spirit of a faith because I had to have faith for my family and sometimes make them believe GOD is nothing sleeping because there Is a reason for everything a time to live and time to die. It can never be determine when we all live and die. Life has Its up and down and sometimes there are people we meet that either make us stronger or be a blessing In our life.

Faith like potatoes taught me not to give hope on GOD because that God never sleeps. I believe faith can move mountains just like the story of the farmer he lost hope and used him by blessing his life and showing to other he exist and never to lose hope. My life has changed since he blessed me because instead of me taking the boarding of my family on me God took the boarding and shows me direction. Have and haves not is a Tyler Perry movie, most of Tyler Perry movies teaches about faith but this movie is different.

The series follows three families and their lifestyles as they intersect with one another in Savannah, Georgia: the rich and powerful Coyer and Harrington families (dubbed “The Haves”) and the poor and destitute Young family (dubbed “The Have Notes”). The Young family is headed by Hanna, who works as the Coyer family’s maid. [5] Included as part of The Have Not’s is another maid of the Coyer family’s, Cline Gonzales.

While the Young family versus the Coyer and Harrington families lead polar opposite lifestyles in terms of social class, economics, social status, and surroundings, they are each similar in that they lead exceedingly dysfunctional lifestyles. Each of the three families experience similarly overwhelming hardships and plights. Often, the plights, predicaments, and hardships that the three families encounter are of a Juicy, scandalous, and controversial nature.

Among the serious issues that have been tackled on the program to date have included: infidelity, cancer, substance abuse, homosexuality, suicide, prostitution, poverty, rape, crime, abortion, mental health. This show has affected me in my life because this world is full of deceit, betray and other things. It has taught me to stand fame and relationship with men and friends. For instance in one of the scene in the movie one of the characters in the movie was cheating on his wife and did not mind the situations of thing, although his wife knew about his cheating games but stood by her man.

That scene shows me marriages are not perfects and love his beautiful but we have to learn to have a bitter and sweet marriages because in the world today people get divorce easy due to little issues. This show made me release “all that glitters are not gold” and getting a true friend is hard to find; In general it teaches me the aspects of life what to except and what not to. Law and order: criminal Intent, is my best crime shows Robert Gorge, Alexandra Names, G. Lynn Bishop, Mike Logan are one of the main characters of law and order.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent, a spin- if of the crime drama Law & Order, follows the detectives who work in the “Major Case Squad” of the New York City Police Department, a unit that focuses on high- profile cases (in most cases murder, Just like the regular Law & Order in this sense), such as those involving VISP, local government officials and employees, the financial industry, and the art world; though sometimes the cases are similar to the cases from the original Law & Order show as well. These show me to be careful of the friends I keep and never trust anyone because my best friend could be your worst enemy.

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