How Does Shakespeare Create Drama and Tension Assignment

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He says, “What is her mother? ” Nurse replies by saying, “Marry bachelor, Her mother is the lady of the house, And a good lady, and a wise, and virtuous. ” Romeo is heartbroken by this as Juliet is from a rival family and it is nearly impossible to see each other, let alone marry. In Act 3 scene 4 there is talk of a marriage by County Paris and Caplet. As it is only Thursday. Lady Caplet didn’t say a great deal. This is because she was not to speak unless she was spoken to and also, she was grieving the loss of her nephew, Table.

This scene begins with Caplet saying, “Things have fallen out, sir, so unluckily, That we have had no time to move our daughter. Look you she loved her kinsman Table dearly, And so did I: well, we were born to die. ” Table’s death has prevented Caplet from persuading Juliet to marry Paris and he is trying to say that she needs more time to get over the loss of her cousin. There is sadness and disappointment in the atmosphere here as Paris goes on to say, “These times of woe afford no to woo. Madam, good-night. Commend me to your daughter. By the end of this scene, Caplet seems down about postponing the wedding arrangements and bids Paris farewell, “Well, get you gone: o’ Thursday be it then. Go you to Juliet ere you go to bed; Prepare her, wife, against this wedding-day. Farewell, my lord. Light to my chamber, ho! Afore me! It is so very late, That we may call it early by and by. Good-night. ” The use of time in this play is very efficient. The time from which Romeo and Juliet et and them dying is only a few days. Some of the scenes are quite long and contain the happenings of a few days, where as others are short, and last a few hours of half a day.

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Shakespeare has used time in this way to show that time is endless when you are in love, and that when you apart from each other, every second tears you up inside. Detail that the shorter ones don’t. The shorter scenes also bring about the questions that the audience ask themselves whilst watching the play. This creates tension by not telling the audience what is happening until the last minute. The Friar and the Nurse are catalysts. Catalysts help the play to move on to another scene, or part of a scene.

Four examples of this are; The Nurse telling Juliet (in Act 2 scene 5), after much teasing, of Romeos plans of marriage; the Friar giving Juliet the sleeping potion (in Act 4 scene 1); when the Friar explains all in Act 5 scene 3; and when the Nurse calls for Juliet when she is talking to Romeo on the balcony, this leads onto Gullet’s mother coming and speaking to her. This keeps the tension high by making the audience wonder what is going to happen next. The end of the play is very emotional as it tells of the deaths of the two main harassers.

This creates a feeling of sadness among the audience with feelings of sadness for the characters and their families as throughout the play they have become increasingly fond of the characters. The play puts a lot of emphasis on the message that people are prepared to die Just to be with their loved one. I think people can learn a lot from Shakespearean plays. Audiences today still enjoy this play because it has the same meaning to people now as it had when it was first written. I enjoyed the play and have learned more about Shakespeare and his plays as a result of this.

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