Hoover Marketing Plan Assignment

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Hoover is a vacuum cleaner company that was established in 1922. This company was established with the invention of the portable electric vacuum cleaner. In addition to its current line of products, Hoover is developing the “Silent” vacuum cleaner, a vacuum cleaner that is completely silent with no over-bearing noises when powered on. There will be a light switch on the cleaner to indicate that it is indeed working.

Although there are currently products on the market that highlight a small level of noise compared to other loud vacuum cleaners, the “Silent” vacuum cleaner is the first vacuum cleaner that produces no noise whatsoever when turned on, thus giving Hoover a significant opportunity for market growth. With increased time pressure in today’s society, there is never a time to vacuum that is convenient for everyone in the household, or even the person vacuuming.

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With the implementation of this new product, we will position the “Silent” vacuum cleaner as a convenient alternative when doing a household chore. Our ability to provide complete silence and integrate it into a vacuum cleaner has never been done before, thus providing many strengths and will build a reputation of a convenient technological endeavor. Situation Analysis Hoover’s “Silent” vacuum cleaner focuses on the general population.

This product is made for any adult who has an appreciation for doing household chores in a more convenient manner. A mother who finally has a chance to clean while her baby is taking a nap can vacuum without worry of waking up the infant, a wife can vacuum the living room while her husband is watching a sports game on TV, or a teenager can watch his favorite TV show while vacuuming. If this product exceeds all expectations, we would also like to reach out to the business sector where silence is a must, such as nursing homes or hospitals.

Because the “Silent” vacuum cleaner is the first in its market, our competition has no comparable products. Our nearest competitors would be Oreck, Bissell, Kirby, and Eureka. Market Summary Our product is positioned for the general adult population. Unlike the mainstream products, we will separate ourselves from the competitor by emphasizing the convenient use of a silent vacuum cleaner. Target Markets general adult population

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