Homosexuality versus Heterosexuality Assignment

Homosexuality versus Heterosexuality Assignment Words: 453

Because of untrue terrorizing and biases towards homosexuality, the “come out” of homosexuals is being hampered. Gay men and lesbian are often afraid of negative reactions from other people and the fear of being disowned by family and friends. Ironically, most homosexuals do feel better about themselves when they tell other people about their sexual inclination. Homosexuality used to be called homophobia in the past. Literally this word consists of two other words, namely: “equal” and “to love”. For a long time, homosexuality was considered a mental illness.

Later on, the clinical term homophobia was replaced by the word homosexuality, because people began to understand It was certainly not a disease. After all, homosexuals are capable of living a relatively normal life, and do not harm their employment by being attracted to people of the same sex. These days, although many societies claim to be tolerant of homosexuality, homosexual men and woman are often the victims of discrimination The main reason homosexuals share being attracted to people of the same sex, is because this process is meaningful to their mental health.

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In fact, the process of identity development for lesbians and gay men, usually called “coming out”, has been found to be strongly related to psychological adjustment. When the gay or lesbian gay or lesbian identity is more positive, the mental health of a homosexual person will eventually be better and one’s self-confidence will improve. Though “coming out” may be considered healthy, many homosexuals are afraid that when they let other people, for Instance their family and friends, know about their sexual preference, they will be disowned.

The above mentioned angst, Is a reason why many gay men and lesbians are still “In the closet”. Blaming and delectation are often confused with one another, but are certainly not the same. Practically everyone has certain biases; there lesbian, Just because of their different sexual inclination. The main reason for this is simply ignorance: lack of knowledge. Stereotyping of homosexuals is often a consequence of, and results in, prejudice and intolerance.

Uncontrolled prejudice and intolerance ends in violence and discrimination: the practice of treating one errors or a group of people less fairly or less well than other people or groups. Religion is also a cause of of homosexuals. Many believers believe The Bible has forbidden homosexuality, and therefore create an ambiance in which it is socially permissible for homosexuals to be humiliated and demeaned. In this respect, and others mentioned above, homosexuals are certainly not equal to heterosexuals. In order to “come out”, homosexuals have to face a lot of difficulties, unlike heterosexuals, whose sexual inclination is truly accepted.

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