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In a desperate situation many of adults and children make the decision to leave their countries In need of money to take care of their females and to provide a better live for themselves. But what most of these ladles and men don’t realize is that they people that are promising jobs to these folks are just manipulating them into the beginning chain of human trafficking. In Miriam Petcock;s “The Travesty of Human Trafficking : A decade of Failed U.

S. Policy,” Dash Purdue’s “In The Matter of Human Trafficking in Ohio: The Pursuit for Justice Continues,” and Katherine Walls “An Introduction to Child Trafficking in the united States,” many issues and gaps in the United States laws were brought to the surface and what tizzies and ex-trafficking victims believe we as a country can improve on to help bring this horrific crime to a stop or at least diminish its victims tremendously.

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In Miriam Petcock’s (2010) “The Travesty of Human Trafficking: A Decade of Failed U. S. Policy,” he explains to his audience the way the U. S. Government goes about preventing human trafficking, protecting the victims, and prosecuting the human traffickers and not where it needs to be Petcock states in his article “The TVA (Law to elope against International trafficking) modification’s over the years have been a travesty. Throughout the article Petcock uses many reliable resources and uses many of the acts that the government passed, but he also followed up to date how the facts we standing up and the changes it underwent. The author concluded by giving examples of the lack of transparency and accountability; and failures of prevention, protection, and prosecution In relation to immigrant victims In the united States.

Although Petcock didn’t use many quotations In his article, I believe his list of references and them being creditable made the article very clear and showed his blast about being against the little effort the United States government Is showing towards this Issue, and the gaping holes In the laws and protections we have for It. Trafficking in Ohio: The Pursuit for Justice Continues” the article provides its readers with many reliable sources and protection acts that the government issued.

Throughout her article, Dash is saying to her audience that with Ohio being up on America’s crime rate especially being high with human traffickers being brought to the city these author didn’t believe that the city was one of the last cities to pass legislation. And even though laws got passed in 2010 pushed for Ohio to provide more government protection for the youth. Although laws were passed Ohio is shown in this article to be one of the most dangerous cities when it comes human trafficking.

That’s article contains strong points that can be backed up by the references and reliable resources that can be looked back on and the fact that they got quotations from the mayor of Ohio, and citizens from the city shows both sides to the fight of trying to make that city and better and more safe environment for the children and young kids. Even though this article is great I believe it is completely bias and one sided, the author didn’t do enough research to find out more about what the government is doing, but rather Just complained about it.

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