Homosexuality and Social Norms Assignment

Homosexuality and Social Norms Assignment Words: 543

One of the best things about change is that it washes away and brings in the new. Gays used to be considered weird and strange but recently they have received more rights and freedoms. Within the last few years the gay community has gained the right to get married in several states. This was a feat that just a few years prior was thought to be impossible. This article talked about the difficulties that come with the condition of being gay. Andrew Sullivan, the author, is gay. He tells us this in the first paragraph. Believe he does this to show that he is comfortable with who he s even though it was not always this way.

The first Story he tells us is about a man with few friends and who is immensely fat. The story goes that one day the man couldn’t get out of bed because he realized how empty his heart was. This feeling is the lowest a person can feel because they believe they have nothing to live for. The reason for him feeling this way is because deep down inside he knew he was gay but he spent his whole life suppressing it that he forgot who he was. After this day he declared his homosexuality proudly and began to live his life like he always wanted to.

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Sadly, just a few years later he died. Although his life ended abruptly, he was able to start living and stop hiding. I believe this is a major point in this article. Sullivan uses sexuality as the example to show us that we must live the lives we were meant to live. Life goes by way too quickly to spend it being someone were not. We must all learn to accept each other for who we are. Sullivan later goes on to say that homosexuals are not entirely normal but then again who really is in today’s world? What makes one person better from the rest?

Sullivan does his best to tell us that just because someone might go against the social norms of society, that doesn’t make them a bad person. He also goes into a somewhat scientific background stating that homosexuals might have come about to stint growth in population. He says that since two same-gender people are unable to have children that this is the reason for their existence. Sullivan himself was a supporter of equal rights. He was all for gay marriage and believed that a gay couple is just as entitled to a lifetime bond as a straight couple is.

He also said that homosexual c peoples incorporate the virtue of friendship more than straight couples. This may be true because there is a lot more flexibility in a gay relationship. They aren’t tied down by the stresses of children and different hormonal ups and downs. Lastly, Sullivan writes that the gay community might not have a role in society at all. Rather to just resist to conformity of every day social norms. If this is true or not, all people should be free to choose how they want to live their life. After all, it is their life.

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