Homosexuality and Major Issue Assignment

Homosexuality and Major Issue Assignment Words: 335

A. People are out castes 1) 2) Gay marriage is wrong Against religious views 3) Solutions B. Revolt Let the people make their own choice Legalize Effects C. Freedom Families Children D. Causes Their partner 2) Rape Born that way part 4) I believe that a lot of my Ideas explain a problem. For instance a lot of society thinks that gay marriage Is wrong.

This also Includes a major Issue In a lot of people’s religion. Some people don’t realize the causes of homosexuals. One being that some are born that way or have been raped which is another major issue in today’s world. In my opinion I think a solution would be to let each person decide his or her own life style because this would be an effect of freedom that our country so dearly prides it’s self on. Part 5) 1. Why Is gay marriage so offensive to people? 2.

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Why Is It Important to Homosexuals to make gay marriage legal In every state? Part 6) I believe that asking questions on opposite sides of the spectrum will beneficial so that way I can explain all aspects of my research papers. Asking Questions like why is gay marriage so controversial is important to talk about so that maybe a common ground can be met. Why Is it Important for gays to make gay marriage legal is Important to ask because It Is necessary to know why they want this so bad.

I believe maybe homosexual will see why religious people don’t agree with gay marriage. Part I am a Homosexual so it’s easy for me to relate to this topic. I plan on asking my friends their views both gay and straight to get some opinions. The bible is also a great tool because it explains why homosexuality is wrong in the church. Braking down prop 8 will be a good way to show how politicians manipulated the wording of the law to confuse voters to vote against it.

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