Hinduism: Worldview Assignment

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They believe that because animals and lands give them sources of food that they should be worshipped. 3. The Question of Meaning/Purpose. There are 4 goals in life for a Hindu. TO have pleasure, wealth, harmony, and liberation. The first two consume each person because it causes suffering, as the other two fulfill them. The concept of Salvation is to overcome evil desires (pleasure and wealth) and achieve the last two to become mimosa (the release of the evil). 4. The Question of Morality. Like the previous question they strive to be mimosa. They have to release all the evil doings and wrongs to get there.

They live through practices, yoga, and correcting living, dharma. Once they achieve these then they have a more desirable reincarnation. 5. The Question of Destiny. Hindus believe in reincarnation which is where after the present body is dead the spirit goes into a new body. Depending how they lived in their former life will determine what kind of existence they will have in the next life. This can include becoming another human, an animal, or even a plant. Once they have reached the highest status, nirvana, they become part of a god-essence. Part

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Comparison and Contrast While the two worldviews both believe that a God created man, the Christian worldview is a lot more specific on how they believe God made man. Christians believe that God made everything out of nothing. They also believe in one God, while Hinduism has over 330 Million gods. 2. The Question of Identity. Christians believe God put man above animals and we are the highest beings on earth, while Hindus believe that they should worship animals and plants. While they have different views on animals, they do agree that animals were UT on the earth as a food source.

The difference is as to how they are to be treated. 3. The Question of Meaning/Purpose. A Christian believes our purpose is that we are to have a relationship with God and to serve and love Him for he gives us salvation. Hindus believe that they have to earn their salvation by overcoming evil desires and become mimosa. Once they have obtained that then they are at the point they want to be. 4. The Question of Morality. Christians believe that we are to follow the standards of the Bible which wows us what is right and wrong.

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