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They don’t believe in Heaven but in Nirvana and for a man to achieve this they must have good karma throughout their life. “Karma is basically the idea the What goes around, comes around’ ” (Wider & Guttering, 58). Hinduism they belief that humans and animals are basically consider the same for eternal life. The Question of Meaning/Purpose: Life is view “Like a dream or a mirage our life and everything around us does not really exists as we know it” (Wider & Guttering, 60). “The purpose of man is to understand hat life and all that seems to be real is an illusion” (Wider & Guttering, 60).

Everything all falls back into Karma regarding having a positive effect in your life cycle. The Question of Morality: The way you treat others and even animal is based on God is everything and everything is God. ” Man’s action will return to him or her (Karma) , and it is up to the individual to determine what those actions should be and how they should be carried out” (Wider & Guttering ,62). Everything is based on Karma because everything interlocks with each other to decide your destiny.

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The Question of Destiny: “They believe that the choice they make while on this earth will have direct effect on their future eternal state” (Wider & Guttering 64). If you achieve the highest Karma which is called Brahmas you are closer to reach Nirvana but if you have bad karma you might be reborn an animal or sometimes worse than that. Part Two: The Question of Origin: Between Theism and Pantheism there is major difference on this topic because for Theism God is the highest power anyone could have and he created all of us.

In Pantheism they believe that God and the universe is en thing and that everything in this world was already created before God. The Questions of Identity: In theism we are God greatest creation and since the beginning of he has put his trust in us. In Pantheism there is no distinction between human or animal is consider the same or have the same privilege for Nirvana. The way they are tested is through Karma. The Question of Meaning/ Purpose: The purpose of man in Theism to know God and the true meaning of love through him. In Pantheism is to understand that everything is an illusion.

This concepts are in two efferent ends one has faith completely in God and the other belief in an illusion. The Question of Morality or Ethics: They both have a similarity that everything is based on God one slight difference they have is that Theism use God 100% but Pantheism is also based on Karma to decide their path. The Question of Destiny: We believe in Heaven or hell and nothing else, Pantheism believes in rebirth and recantation and that depends on whether you had Good or Bad Karma. Christians have the right to choose which path they want either to be with god or not.

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