Harley Davidson Marketing Failes Assignment

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Harley Davidson Perfume The positioning of a brand is a company value that can be limitless, often being superior that the product itself. This is the case of HD motorcycles, where the symbol of extreme masculinity and liberty in the road had been built up after 107 years in the motorbike industry, making the company have the 50 % of market participation in cruisers line, beating the Japanese competition, who have higher technology products, with more powerful engines and with way lower prices.

Once a brand have this huge advantage against competition, it’s natural that marketing departments try to apply commercial moves for increasing incomes, but positioning is a slow hard process that is no worthless to destroy in so short time just for getting some extra money. Parallel activities of the main product can be held, and as a fact can be even a reinforcement of the brand positioning, besides being profitable, but they must go in the same line as brand values, if the costumer perceived action against them, all the hard work accomplished during years and years can be destroyed.

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HD had arrived to such a point of line extension, that in some stores you could find mostly every product with the authorized logo, such as socks, t-shirts, cigarettes lighters, and ornaments, but the broken point came with the entrance of aftershave and perfumes, that was simply to much. In this company, you can realize that segmentation it’s principally in some aspects, obtaining homogenous subgroups with similar needs and characteristic that in the practice had responded similar to marketing actions.

They reflect demographic and psychographic aspects (both descriptive characteristics), such as gender, age, life stage, incomes, personality, life style and attitude. The Targeting, as I perceive it is for males, between 35 and 60 years, with high incomes, because this bikes are really expensive, with a personality and attitude towards adventure, freedom, manhood, something of rebel bad boy, trying to feel for ever young and in control of the power, which they andle while riding their powerful motorcycles, with that patented and unique sound. The positioning of the brand is amazing, even this motorbikes aren’t in the edge of technology, or aren’t the faster bikes, for everyone a Harley is a Harley, it’s the myth in two wheels, you drive one of those and you are the man, girls drive crazy and guys respect you, you achieve an status, and a higher one. HD has all the connotations of the macho men and the freedom of the open road. By: Felipe Saenz

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